12 camera tricks for the iPhone 12 you should know

Do you want to get the most out of your camera iPhone 12 o 12 Pro? There are many ways to get (still) better photos. In this article I show you nothing more and nothing less than 12 camera tricks for the iPhone 12 that you have to know.

These tricks work for the camera of the iPhone 12, as 12 Mini, 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, there are some points that are only available for the Pro models, as they include one more lens: a telephoto sensor.

Take advantage of the ultra wide angle

All the new iPhone 12 have an ultra-wide angle camera, and although it may seem that this lens is only used to take pictures of landscapes, the truth is that you can get a lot out of it: Take wide-angle photos whenever you can. It does not matter if it is vertically or horizontally, indoors or outdoors or even at night, since the ultra wide angle camera of the iPhone 12 has a night mode.

A trick so that the photographs with the ultra wide angle camera always look good, is try to position the iPhone camera at a suitable height so that the angle fits. Try to place the camera at the height of your waist, you will see how the angle is more aligned compared to taking a photograph at eye level.

Take more impressive photos with the ultra wide angle



Another hack for the wide angle camera that deserves a specific point. If you want get epic photos to landscapes, buildings or even people, follow these steps.

  • Turn off screen rotation
  • Open the camera app and go to ultra wide angle mode
  • Squat down and turn the device upside down so that the camera module is upside down
  • Take the picture
  • In the editing options, rotate the image until it is straight.

You will notice a significant change in the results, with a much different angle that is undoubtedly worth trying.

Activate the grid on the camera

A simple trick to get your photos aligned is to activate the camera grid. To do this, go a Settings> Camera . In the ‘Composition’ section, activate the ‘Grid’ option. As simple as that.

Turn off the mirror effect

You don’t have to leave the camera settings for this second trick. If you don’t like selfies going the other way – that is, with the mirror effect – with iOS 14 you can disable this option. Thus, the results will be as you see them when you take a selfie with the camera preview. Go to Settings> Camera> Keep mirror effect. Activate the last option.

Have you deactivated Live Photos? Not so fast

wide angle iPhone

wide angle iPhone

Live Photos may be annoying at times, but don’t disable it. You can get very good results, especially thanks to the customization options offered by iOS. Take a picture with Live Photos and go to the gallery. Locate the photo you just took. Swipe up to access the effects and choose the one you like best. So you can create photos with a very different style.

A very useful tip: take a picture of a person with a moving background. For example, cars on the road or people passing behind. After taking the picture, use the “Long exposure” mode and you can check the results.

Don’t be afraid to use third party apps

If you want to take more professional photos or with more features than those offered by the iPhone 12 camera app itself, you can opt for third-party apps. They work very well to adjust parameters that we cannot adjust in the iPhone camera. Or for example, record or take photos with all three iPhone cameras at the same time. In the App Store you can find a wide variety of applications. One of my favorites is DoubleTake, which allows you to take pictures with several cameras simultaneously.

Taking photos with night mode



Night mode is now available on the ultra wide angle camera. Taking photos with the night mode is very simple, you just have to wait for the camera to detect a dark scene and it will activate this function automatically. When this happens, a yellow button will appear in the upper area of ​​the camera app. There you can adjust the time of the night mode so that the camera captures more or less light.

Adjusts the blur level in portrait mode photos

Both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro allow you to take pictures with portrait mode. We can also adjust the blur level. To do this, we go to the camera app and in Portrait mode, click on the ‘f’ that appears in the upper area. Next, we choose the level of blur. We can also change the blur after taking the picture. Access the gallery, click on the edit button and on the ‘f’ that appears in the upper area, you can choose the level of blur.

Record Instagram-style video



A simple trick for recording video on the iPhone 12 camera: you can start recording by pressing and holding the center button, without having to enter video mode. Yes, in the purest Instagram style. To lock the recording and continue capturing video, but without having to press the screen, slide the shutter to the right. You will see the lock button appear and you can lock the video.

Switch cameras while recording video

When you are recording video you can switch between cameras. For example, go from wide to wide or from wide to zoom. You just have to start recording video and press the camera switch buttons. You can also switch between cameras by sliding the wheel with your finger. This will create a smoother effect, instead of a more “abrupt” change than pressing the buttons.

Use Instagram filters with the ultra wide angle camera

wide angle iPhone

wide angle iPhone

Do you want to use the filters Instagram with the ultra wide angle camera of your iPhone? Enter Instagram, slide to the camera of the stories and select the filter you want. Then, make a pincer gesture inward, it will switch to wide angle mode and you can record or take photos with that effect.

You can also do it with the zoom of the iPhone

You can do the same with the iPhone zoom, but it is somewhat more complicated, since Instagram does not warn when you have switched to the telephoto lens, as it does when you go to the ultra wide angle camera. To record with zoom, just slowly increase with a pinch gesture until you notice a small change on the screen, as the image moves slightly. You will also likely appreciate a small change in quality (for the better). That’s when the camera switches to the zoom lens.

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