120 Hz screen, Snapdragon 865 and gimbal optical stabilizer

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As expected, Vivo today formalized its X50 series. It is made up of three models: X50, X50 Pro and X50 Pro +. Snapdragon 865, 120 Hz screen, telescopic telephoto and gimbal stabilizer are on the program, even if all these elements do not equip all models. The price ranges from 440 euros to 700 euros.

Vivo X50 Pro +

The appointment was given: Vivo presented its new high-end series called X50 today, after numerous teasers, including one dedicated to the unique optical stabilization of the X50 Pro. Be careful not to confuse Vivo X50 with Realme X50. Certainly, these are two brands of BBK Electronics. Certainly, these are both high-end models. Certainly their positioning is almost identical. But… they are not the same smartphones.

By making the comparison, you will discover some nuances, in terms of photo, design and biometric equipment. But the resemblance (stronger on the more expensive models) confirms that the two brands, like OnePlus and Oppo, are part of the same family. Let’s start with the Vivo X50, a premium model close to Realme X50 and Find X2 Neo, for example.

vivo x50 official
Vivo X50

Super AMOLED screen 6.56 inch Full HD + 90 Hz with fingerprint reader, Snapdragon 765G (with 5G modem), 8 GB RAM, 128 or 256 GB storage, battery 4200 mAh, fast charge 33 watts, quadruple photo sensor 48 + 8 + 12 + 8 megapixels with 3x optical zoom, selfie sensor 32 megapixel housed in a hole. The 48 megapixel sensor (IMX598 from Sony) is stabilized, but this optical stabilizer is classic. The price: 3500 yuan (440 euros) for the 8 + 128 GB version and 3900 yuan (490 euros) for the 8 + 256 GB version.

Middle platform, but gimbal stabilization

Let’s continue with the X50 Pro. This is an improved version of the Vivo X50. We find there a large part of the technical sheet of the X50 with two changes at the photo level: the gimbal stabilizer, promised by the teasers, makes its appearance and the telephoto is periscopic, for an optical zoom whose ratio goes to 5x. If you are an amateur photographer and the X50 are your eye, this is the one you will have to choose.

vivo x50 pro official

For the rest, no difference, except the battery whose capacity increases from 4200 mAh to 4315 mAh. This is accompanied by a slight overweight in terms of thickness: 8 mm instead of 7.5 mm. The screen, chipset, RAM, storage levels and photo sensors are all back. The price: 4300 yuan (540 euros) in 8 + 128 GB version and 4700 yuan in 8 + 256 GB version (590 euros).

High-end model, without stabilization

Let’s finish with the X50 Pro +. He’s the real top of the line from Vivo this year that you can compare to the OnePlus 8 Pro, Find X2 Pro and Realme X50 Pro 5G. He’s the one who benefits from Snapdragon 865 and up to 12 GB of RAM. It charges the fastest (44 watt load). It’s also that integrates a screen with 120 Hz refresh rate and not 90 Hz like the others. He too benefits from the vegetable leather shell, like the Find X2 Pro.

vivo x50 pro plus official 1

Physically, the X50 Pro + is identical to the X50 Pto. And this proximity can also be seen on the technical sheet. Its Super AMOLED screen measures 6.56 inches, like that of its little brothers. The definition does not change: Full HD +. It also uses their 32-megapixel selfie sensor, as well as two of their photo sensors: the 8-megapixel model with wide-angle lens and the 13-megapixel model with 2x optical zoom for portraits. Its 8 megapixel sensor with 5x optical zoom (and periscope telephoto) is taken from the X50 Pro.

Finally, its latest sensor is brand new: it is a ISOCELL GN1 50 megapixels from Samsung. It is stabilized, but without the gimbal system. Which seems surprising. The X50 Pro + is available in three configurations. Its price is 5000 yuan (630 euros) in version 8 + 128 GB, 5500 yuan (690 euros) in version 8 + 256 GB and 6000 yuan (755 euros) in version 12 + 256 GB. The X50 Pro will be available in China from June 12. The other two models will wait until July to land in Chinese stores.


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