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13 billion dirhams will be dedicated to the payment of VAT (Fettah Alaoui)

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah Alaoui, stressed this Thursday in the Chamber of Advisors that the government is ensuring the optimal implementation of the framework law on tax reform.

Speaking during a plenary session in the Chamber of Advisors devoted to the examination of the PLF-2022, the Minister affirmed that the government ensures the implementation of the framework law of the tax reform in a progressive manner, taking into account the priority measures that will be applied within 5 years, with regard to the role of tax reform in promoting investments and supporting economic and social reform projects.

Thus, she indicated that the fiscal measures proposed in the PLF-2022 mark the beginning of the implementation of the orientations and objectives of this framework law, and this in cohesion with the principle of progressivity.

The Minister also recalled that this framework law, which is the result of broad consultations with all stakeholders, reflects the recommendations of two Tax Meetings held in recent years, noting that this reform is framed by several principles and objectives, and reflects a sincere desire for reform and a collective commitment to the choices and measures set. Among the objectives of this reform, she continues, are the progressive orientation towards a unified corporate tax rate, and the consecration of the principle of the neutrality of the value added tax (VAT).

It is also about strengthening the rights and mutual trust between taxpayers and the administration, optimizing tax incentives, and reforming the system of local and para-fiscal taxes.

All these objectives will be implemented both within the framework of this finance bill and within the framework of future projects, assured the Minister.

She further noted that the government undertakes to reimburse the accumulated VAT credit for the benefit of private sector companies.

Thus, 13 billion dirhams will be dedicated to the payment of VAT from December and before the end of the first quarter of 2022, to allow businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, to have enough liquidity and to cope with the crisis and thus be part of the dynamic of creating added value and jobs.


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