13 major telecommunications companies around the world were hacked, experts point to Chinese hackers-Hong Kong unwire.hk

There is a report that national cyber attacks initiated by hackers have increased in the past year. Earlier another cyber security company stated that more than 13 large telecommunications companies in the world had been hacked by Chinese hackers in the past three years. Be able to find out the call and SMS records of individuals, and even the personal data of users.

CrowdStrike, a US cybersecurity company, recently pointed out in its public information that more than 13 large telecommunications companies around the world have been hacked by Chinese hackers in the past three years. A hacker organization named “LightBasin” has repeatedly stolen the user’s call and SMS records from the telecommunications companies, covering many countries around the world. Once the telecommunications provider’s server is compromised, the organization can not only track the location of the user’s mobile phone, but also the colleague who can obtain the contact information of the user. Adam Meyers, vice president of CrowdStrike’s intelligence department, said that the hacking organization is technically very professional, saying that he has never seen such a “professional” tool as used by this hacking organization in the industry for many years.

Adam Meyers also pointed out that as early as 2016, the hacker group began to invade the mobile phone networks of various countries. The hackers of LightBasin will use Roman Pinyin as the basis of the coding technology, collect information and submit the relevant information to the internal official agency. It is suspected that it is funded by the central government. In addition, CrowdStrike’s research materials also quoted the opinions of several experts who did not wish to be named, who believed that Chinese hacker organizations had long-term stealing knowledge and copyright information, and the scope of this has become more extensive in recent years, indicating that China’s threat to other countries is gradually expanding. China has long used this method to expand its influence in the field of telecommunications.


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