16 friends celebrate in a bar in Florida – afterwards they all have Corona

She works in a hospital and survived the first major coronavirus wave unscathed: Erica Crisp (40) from Florida therefore decided to go out to party with her 15 best friends in a bar in Jacksonville that has just reopened. That had consequences: All 16 friends and seven bar employees were infected with Covid-19, report local media.

Crisp had decided to invite her friends to the Lynch Irish Pub on June 6th: “We had been locked up at home for months, keeping social distance and doing everything right. We finally deserved to go out again ”, she told the broadcaster WJTX4. But eight days later, the 40-year-old developed a cough, fever and breathing problems. A test showed that she had Covid-19. All of her friends subsequently also tested positive for the coronavirus. The operator of the Irish pub, Keith Doherty, then had his employees tested – seven were also positive. His bar has been closed since then.

Record number of new cases

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Crisp now blames himself: “We were just very careless that evening. We didn’t keep our distance and didn’t wear masks. It was as if Corona had never existed. Unfortunately, this mentality had bad consequences, ”she told the TV broadcaster.

Crisp is now critical of the fact that all restaurants and bars in Florida have already reopened and that there are no fixed regulations on keeping your distance and wearing masks. According to experts, the likely reason that the disease rates in Florida have risen to a high. On June 6th, when Crisp went out with friends, there were 1,270 new cases in Florida. A week later, the number soared to 2581 – a negative record.

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