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Among the basics you need to spend the first night in your new house – bed, sofa, a fork, a chair … – are those small appliances that will make your life easier from day one. A choice that sometimes necessarily depends on space. It is the case of the microwaves of last generation with grill built-in, which unseat the classic oven of our kitchens with its extensive cooking and defrosting programs.

Enjoying a delicious breakfast every weekend is one of the golden rules to feel good at home. A powerful juicer with which to satisfy your vitamin ration, as well as a toaster where to brown the bread, they are essential to start off on a good foot every morning. The coffee universe deserves a separate chapter, although the kettles every day gain more followers not only among tea fans, but for anyone who wants to optimize time in the kitchen.

Snacks and impromptu dinners will never fall back into carelessness with an elegant sandwich maker It will keep crispy until the last bite. And whether you embrace the fever smoothie as if you are a kitchenette obsessed with the perfect texture in your sauces and soups, a glass or hand blender You can not miss this modern trousseau, nor an iron that keeps your clothes and bedding intact.

To guide you in this infinity of possibilities, we have selected the best proposals in the market in value for money. And, as always, with a careful design that you will even want to leave in sight.

Lever Style

Old fashioned, but motorized. The Zitrus 160 Vita Black juicer from Cecotec It combines design and technology to bring maximum energy to these cold winter mornings. Its lever system allows you to extract all the juice from citrus fruits in a few seconds, and has an anti-drip system that facilitates the change of glass without dirtying the countertop. A little touch on the pouring tab will be enough to stop it while you prepare the juice.

It has two cones adaptable to different sizes of citrus that favor the extraction without hardly any effort, thanks to its ergonomic lever that turns on automatically when it detects that you start to put pressure on the cone. A quick and clean gesture. Available on its website for 35.92 euros.

‘Smegmanía’ in the kitchen

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Founded in 1948 by Vittorio Bertazzoni de Guastalla, this Italian family business has kept its retro aesthetic intact for the enjoyment of new generations. The secret of SMEG is none other than to evolve in its benefits but without altering the beauty vintage of its design, that common dedication of the mid-twentieth century to add sinuous shapes and pastel colors to the small appliances of our day to day.

Within your successful collaboration for Zara Home, we found this electric juicer with cone and drip nozzle, both in stainless steel, to avoid possible spills. Its non-slip base facilitates the transfer to any work area of ​​the kitchen, adding a touch midcentury Very photoable. Available in two colors for 149 euros.

‘Made in Italy’ design

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Created in 2010 by Habits, the Vita model of the Bugatti House remains one of the most coveted designs among the appliances that take our kitchen. Its cone silhouette, on horseback between a table lamp and an ice cream spout, allows to keep the juice in the container as a jug or pour it into glasses.

This futuristic cone is articulated on a pole fixed to the base and rotates up to 60 degrees to make the liquid completely empty. By including two heads of different sizes, you can extract the juice of all kinds of citrus fruits in a glass of high strength and capacity glass, no less than 600 ml. It activates automatically when you press the juicer. Available in chromed steel and in five different colors from 154 euros on Amazon.

The most democratic

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The great besteller Amazon brings together in a single object everything you need to keep the busiest breakfasts in harmony. In just a few minutes, this toaster prepares a large portion of freshly baked bread and in different tastes, since it incorporates space for four slices with six adjustable levels of intensity.

The size of the slots is suitable for both rustic bread and buns and for the classic sandwich. It is easily cleaned by its removable trays and has six settings for browning, in addition to defrosting and reheating, according to the needs of the moment. Its price, the best: 49.99 euros.

A very retro breakfast

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The fifties are undoubtedly the favorite decade in the kitchens of lovers of the retro universe, pastel colors and sinuous steel. This toaster of two slots of the signature KitchedAid exemplifies the aesthetic ideology of the time, adding new features such as the defrosting function or the baking of small-sized buns.

Made of metal with two 3 cm slots and a chrome temperature control wheel of seven intensities, it becomes one of those appliances that you will like to have always at hand, both for its multifunction and its beautiful design. In addition, it allows you to keep the food hot for up to three minutes in case you have to be absent, or reheat it in 30 seconds. Its price, 119 euros in Ambient Direct.

Scandinavian toast

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Its eminently Scandinavian design bears the seal of the HolmbäckNordentoft duo, two Danish creatives specialized in simplifying and beautifying everyday household objects. This toaster created for the signature Emma collection Stelton, will make breakfast every morning become a gesture of pure elegance.

In addition to its distinctive gray wrap with a wooden top, it includes the defrosting function to toast the bread left directly from the freezer, as well as a variable control of the final gilding. Its price, 159.95 euros in Ambient Direct.

A kettle sculpture

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A greater fondness for tea and infusions, coupled with the speed with which it heats the water, have made the kettles or electric kettles are an essential member of our kitchen. If they also go hand in hand with a design as suggestive as the CL 100 Plissé model Alessi, inspired by the pleat of haute couture, it is not surprising that they have become one of the first appliances that are part of it.

After a silhouette in thermoplastic resin reminiscent of coffee makers of yesteryear, its name refers to classical sculpture, specifically the fold of pleated fabrics that enveloped the muses of Ancient Greece. Designed by Michele de Lucchi, it will turn tea time into a ritual full of beauty. Its price, 75 euros.

Good pretty and cheap

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Design and quality at a competent price. The HW800 microwave Ikohs meets all three premises thanks to QuarkTRON technology that adds to the grill the multifunction of a conventional oven, but subtracting time in the cooking process.

Pre-programmed menus allow you to perfectly heat or cook dishes such as vegetables, potatoes, pizzas or popcorn, as well as a defrost level and a self-ignition level. Its avant-garde wrapping of simple and refined lines is complemented by a non-stick ceramic interior lining, which facilitates cleaning. Its price, 79.95 euros.

The best for an Erasmus home

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The Luminance Prime model, created by Klarstein, is suitable for micro-floors and student homes because of the versatility offered by its grill integrated. You can do without the conventional oven taking advantage of its space, for example for storage, but without giving up all the features offered by this essential piece for any kitchen.

With its extensive program, it not only heats any food but also makes it possible to defrost, cook and prepare a menu for four people for its 20 liters capacity. From outside, its semi-mirrored window allows you to monitor the entire cooking process to avoid last minute scares. Polished stainless steel finish. Its price is 99 euros.

Minimalist and full steam

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There are those for whom the microwave urges both in a kitchen such as a bed or a sofa when opening a house. This small appliance that you have only been in Spanish homes for a few decades, has become an essential for its multifunction and easy operation: it allows heating, cooking and baking taking up very little space.

The Mattradition microwave oven Ikea It fulfills all these functions with note, in addition to incorporating the steam option and distributing heat evenly across four power levels. Dispense with shooters to create a style of refined lines that the most minimalist minds will like. Its price, 279 euros.

The intelligent microwave

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This model premium of the consumer electronics brand LG owes its success to the combination of its cutting-edge technology and a clean and pure aesthetic that dazzles the most demanding kitchens. The Smart Inverter microwave oven manages to cook up to 1.6 times faster, saving 4% of traditional electricity consumption, and with greater interior capacity without increasing its packaging.

A four in one – oven, microwave, grill and multifunction– that incorporates Smart Inverter technology to heat and cook evenly, which helps reduce processing fat by up to 72% and prepare food in a healthier way. In addition, it defrosts intelligently, preventing the extremes from cooking and keeping its interior perfectly fresh. Available for 379 euros at Eurinics.es.

Sandwich maker ‘logo’

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Known for being the brand that designs the most popular coffee capsules on the market, Krups also has in its catalog interesting proposals on small appliances, with many functions, beautiful shapes and affordable prices.

Its latest sandwich maker is a favorite among consumers, due to its design in polished metal and matt black, and in a small space it allows you to easily bake several large slices. Its non-stick resource will prevent the food from sticking, enjoying its tender coverage and facilitating cleaning. Available for 46.29 euros in Fnac.es.

A gazpacho ‘old fashion’

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In our list the British firm Russell Hobbs, creator of the first could not be missing kettle from the United Kingdom and born in the venerated fifties. Famous for its retro draft roasters, one of its strengths is the food preparation section, with a quarry of robots, juicers, choppers and blenders premium They don’t skimp on design.

This is the case of the Desire blender, the genuine American glass that includes a liter glass jar and a half capacity and removable filling lid, to incorporate food while cooking. With it, you can make all kinds of hot and cold sauces and soups, by means of its four-pointed stainless steel blade. With two speeds and pulse function, it includes a safety lock so that nothing prevents you from finding the perfect salmorejo. Available for 52.99 euros on Amazon.

How to come up with the perfect texture

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If you are one of those who prefer to feel the whole process and perfect the textures, and even make homemade mayonnaise by hand, a hand mixer will be your best ally in the kitchen. The MIX50 model by H. Koening will make the preparation of purees, soups and compotes a dream by acquiring the thickness to your liking thanks to a power of 750 Watts.

Its stainless steel blades are easy to clean due to disassembly of the foot, and its ergonomic non-slip handle makes beating almost therapeutic. The elegant stainless steel design will be welcome in the most gourmet kitchens. It only costs 29.99 euros on Amazon.

Goodbye splashing

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The latest launch of Philips perfects the classic hand blenders with a complete set of accessories that will make possible (almost) any dish that you put in front of you. The ProMix Viva collection model will allow you to design endless meals and snacks in record time, with its 800 W motor that allows consistent and fast mixing.

It includes an exclusive spiral cutter accessory, ideal for splitting fruits and vegetables and making smoothies in a single gesture, as well as being an invincible chopper for meat, nuts and cheese. It has a splash guard so you do not get stained while you bat and clean very easily when disassembled at the push of a button. On sale at El Corte Inglés for 89 euros.

Wrinkle is not always beautiful

electric household appliances saleWith this compact iron you will have all the clothes ready in just a few minutes, thanks to its continuous steam blow for a professional finish and in which the wrinkle will shine by its absence. Therefore, the Eco Intelligence model of Rowenta It is one of the best sellers on Amazon, where users extol their system autosteam which automatically adjusts the temperature and steam according to the fabric we select.

The famous brand of ironing at home also thinks green, adding an eco function that saves up to 30% of energy each time you use it. Its price also seduces us: on Amazon, for 66.95 euros.


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