16-year-old schoolgirl Lyudmila Malchenko disappeared at Himmash October 28, 2021 | e1.ru

In Yekaterinburg, they have been looking for the missing 16-year-old schoolgirl Lyudmila Malchenko for a week. On October 22, the girl disappeared on her way from school. The police and volunteers of the “Breakthrough” search unit are looking for her.

Lyudmila lives and studies at Khimmash, and they are looking for her in this area. Previously, she did not disappear.

“She disappeared after school. At first, the relatives and the police searched on their own. On Wednesday they contacted us. The girl never disappeared. She studies well. He walks in a decent company, volunteers told E1.RU. – We do not yet understand what could have happened to her. At the moment, we are conducting operational-search activities together with police officers. We patrol courtyards, check garages, entrances, attics.

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