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2 Indonesian musicians make a scene after changing religions

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News about changing religions has become a public consumption that is busy to be discussed. Moreover, the news concerns the country’s celebrities.

The name Sylvia Damayanti aka Kamaya Idol was later highlighted after sharing her story of converting from Islam to Christianity after setting foot in Israel.

In the story, Kamaya who were originally Muslim, admitted that everything was through a process and personal experience.

It made him change religion hug Christian since February 16, 2013.

“I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Lord and savior, but it was through my personal process and experience with God after I realized that nothing was a coincidence until finally I was at the point of following Jesus nothing was a coincidence,” said Kamaya Idol.

“The first time I stepped out of the airport and stepped on foot, I remember I said, ‘If God allows me to go there, I will definitely set foot there,’ and that gave me goosebumps. It was a moment for me, I prayed like this, ‘Please, God, show me which God is right’,” he continued.

He decided to change his faith. Kamaya went to perform the baptism into the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized.

Kamaya Idol tells the story of his spiritual conversion./ Photo: instagram.com/kamaya_kamaya

Before the christening, Kamaya had time to think about family, friends and work. But Kamaya’s belief was unanimous for change religion.

“When I was about to get baptized, I also had parents, family, friends, work, but somehow I didn’t make it an obstacle at that time. All I knew at that time I had to move forward and I gave myself up being baptized so quickly. The process may take years, maybe like a drop, but when you put it together it all makes sense, it all becomes like a complete puzzle,” he concluded, quoted from YouTube. DIASPORA TV.

Apart from Kamaya, this musician was also excited after changing religions and even getting scolded by his mother.

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