20 minutes – Burger King advertises with mold whopper

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Does anyone else want to eat this? In Burger King’s current advertisement, the famous Whopper burger is not devoured by people, but by the insatiable throat of time.


Do you prefer to eat at Mac Donalds or Burger King?

The result after 34 days: a unique mold culture that does not exactly make you want to bite into it. The aim of this worldwide campaign is not to spoil our appetite, on the contrary: the American fast food chain wants to show with its rotten whopper its commitment to avoid all artificial preservatives. The slogan of the Schimmel Whopper campaign even describes the high-resolution images of rotting food as “The beauty without artificial preservatives”.

In fact, Burger King soon wants to do without all artificial preservatives worldwide, which according to the company is already happening in large parts of Europe and at 400 locations in the USA.

No more artificial

“At Burger King, we believe that real food tastes better,” Fernando Machado, CMO of Burger King, told Adweek magazine. “That is why we are working hard to remove preservatives, colors and flavors from artificial sources from the food we serve in all countries of the world.”

Incidentally, the curious campaign originated in Scandinavia, where artificial preservatives have already been removed from the whopper, which are associated with a variety of negative effects, especially in children.




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