20 minutes – traffic jam just before work due to 3 accidents on A1

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Three accidents occurred on the A1 motorway shortly before the heavy rush hour traffic. Firstly, between Aarau-West and Oftringen, which means that drivers lose up to 30 minutes of time. According to initial findings by the Aargau Cantonal Police, no one was injured in the accident.

The second accident took place between Aarau-Ost and Mägenwil, where, according to the TCS, a traffic jam time of at least one hour must be expected.

There is also traffic jam between the Schönbühl and Kirchberg junctions at the moment, due to a rear-end collision with five vehicles involved, as the Bern Cantonal Police said on request. Nobody was injured. The fast lane is currently blocked and will be cleared. There is a backlog and there are waiting times.




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