Economy 20 minutes - traffic light system at Aldi now...

20 minutes – traffic light system at Aldi now counts customers


The discounter Aldi now uses an electronic counting system to limit the number of customers in its branches in Switzerland. As Aldi Suisse writes on Friday, the so-called crowd monitor will be installed in 110 of the approximately 210 branches by April 9.

The system automatically counts the customers who enter and leave a branch. A kind of traffic light tells new customers when they arrive that they have to wait when the maximum number of customers has already been reached. As soon as other customers leave the shop, this will be displayed accordingly. The counting system was developed according to the information from the Zurich company ASE.

Maximum 100 people

To combat the coronavirus epidemic, only a limited number of customers are allowed to stay in grocery stores at the same time, according to the federal ordinance. This is to ensure that the minimum distance recommendations can also be observed. In an average Aldi branch of around 1,000 square meters, there can only be a maximum of 100 people at a time, as Aldi Suisse writes in a media release.

For Aldi Suisse, automating the admission restriction is a way to relieve the sales staff in the branches somewhat. The system has already been tested in four branches in the past few days.




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