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Brad Raffensperger does the recount in Georgia. The Republican gets to feel the hatred of his party.

“Georgia on my mind,” jazz musician Ray Charles once sang wistfully. And the Republicans are now looking longingly at their former bastion, which they lost in these presidential elections.

The Trump campaign does not want to accept that. The President’s son, Donald Trump Jr., made it clear three days after election day in Atlanta: His father would fight the election results – to his death. The Democrats are probably not used to that from the spineless Republicans. But this party is a thing of the past, and those who do not want to fight should slip away.

In the field of fire of the Trump campaign

It was a call for blood feud – and the field of fire was the Republican Secretary of State of Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, who is responsible for the elections. Resignation calls were loud without any concrete reason: He had organized the elections inadequately and without transparency.

Raffensperger ordered a manual recount of all five million votes, as requested by the Trump campaign. But he also made it clear that he would make sure that the result was correct.

Raffensperger defends himself

Apparently his party didn’t like to hear that. Trump loyalists spread rumors on conservative television channels of open ballot boxes, clandestine counts, and lack of control over the signatures on postal ballot papers. Verdict: The Georgia election was chaotic and Raffensperger was responsible for it. He deserves people’s anger.

The 65-year-old Secretary of State for Georgia is actually a reserved man who doesn’t seem particularly comfortable in the spotlight. As a qualified engineer, he counts the votes with an exact scientific sense. And he defends himself against attacks from within his own ranks.

A call from Senator Graham

Raffensperger dismantles the individual rumors of election fraud on Facebook. He simply calls the head of the Trump campaign in Georgia a liar. On CNN he made a delicate phone call with Senator Lindsey Graham: Graham had indicated that he should invalidate as many postal ballot papers as possible. That is also the strategy of the Republicans’ lawsuits and the Trump campaign.

Brad Raffensberger speaks of insults and death threats against him and his wife: You always want to believe that your own side is wearing the clean slate. But people are really angry and the controversy is fierce, said the State Secretary.

There is the right

Raffensperger says he will probably also be disappointed with the result. He too had hoped for a Republican victory. But there is a process to be followed and there is the right. Integrity is important.

The recount, which will be finished today, did not reveal any major irregularities. One Republican district had forgotten to deposit around 3,000 votes – with a net gain of 800 votes for President Trump. But that doesn’t help him win in Georgia.

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