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23 points at 7/14 at three points, there is a new French holder and he is in Atlanta!

It’s a fluke, and sometimes that’s how the best adventures begin. Propelled in the Major 5 of the Hawks recently following a string of injuries in Atlanta, Timothée Luwawu-Cabarrot did not let the opportunity pass and shone as rarely in Minnesota this night. A three-point card and good defense which will further strengthen an already attractive French record.

Whot the fuck is TLC ?

It is enough to stroll recently on social networks like the blue bird to see many American observers wondering about the silver medalist poto with the France team this summer in Tokyo. We, of course, can see very well who TLC is. Tricolores oblige, we are closely monitoring what our compatriots are doing on the other side of the ocean. But the American friends, we can understand their astonishment. And above all, you can understand the surprising aspect of such an arrival, when you see what the Hawks expected this season. Indeed, to put the context back in place, Timothée had been signed to the buzzer by Atlanta after training camp, Travis Schlenk and his management wishing to benefit from an additional boost on the wings… in the event of accumulated injuries. We can say that the GM of the Hawks had an unfortunate nose in addition to a very smooth skull, because several wingers successively hit each other with physical problems at the same time. De’Andre Hunter out, Bogdan Bogdanovic out, Cam Reddish out and even Solomon Hill out, Basically if you were not leader or interior lately in Georgia it was better to stay at home otherwise you had a good chance of getting hit with a piano. Only, as it is often said, the misfortune of some makes the happiness of others. And here ? It was TLC who made the most of it, being ready when his name was said aloud by his coach Nate McMillan: come on, hop, incumbent ! Nice surprise, but nothing to scare the French friend. After a successful test in Indiana (8 points, victory) then a bubble against Philadelphia (0 point, loss), Luwawu-Cabarrot made us a mix of the two previous games against Charlotte (12 points, loss). But what appealed above all was the seamless integration of TLC into the 5 major with a well-defined role, you take your shots when Trae Young feeds you, you defend hard and you don’t complain. a team player as we like, given a high dose of responsibility by a struggling McMillan since Luwawu will play 39 minutes against the Hornets, one of his greatest career totals.

“He was really, really good. I really like the way he plays. He is able to fit into the type of defense that we want to play in this team. – Nate McMillan

The meeting of this Monday evening was therefore in Minnesota, and without any real change from the point of view of the infirmary of the Hawks, there was bound to be playing time for the French. It remained to be seen if he was going to use it wisely, and if he was going to take the opportunity to hit a big perf. Knowing that opposite the Wolves were in open house operation, and in particular on shooters sometimes left open at three-pointers, all it took was sanction. Well like Atlanta collectively last night (franchise record, 25/49 from the parking lot), Timothée Luwawu-Cabarrot will treat himself to a feast in the cold of Minneapolis: 38 minutes of play, 23 points, 7/14 three-pointers, not the slightest stray ball and a staff who enjoys each shot attempted by the Frenchman. Tell yourself this, in a victory for the Hawks in 2021, TLC was the player who took the most shots of his whole team (!) With Trae Young. A great sign of confidence, and absence of hesitation, which precisely allowed Atlanta to afford a reassuring victory on the road. So inevitably, when we live such a beautiful evening, we want to ask ourselves what is next? Initially, Cam Reddish was slated for a return, so his comeback on the floors seems imminent. But perfectly installed in a role of booster out of the bench, will the young winger be inserted in the major five by McMillan? Not sure at all. It is concerning Bogan Bogdanovic, and this nasty ankle injury recently experienced, that we will have to watch the comeback. We could quite spend this Christmas with Timothée Luwawu-Cabarrot as the starting winger for the Hawks, not quite the kind of sentence we thought we would write but one that we will type with the widest smile when we know the mountains Russians through which the compatriot passed. As long as other performances of the genre fall, or a notch below but in the register of the solid with this defense on the man who so pleases Coach McMillan, it will be difficult for the coaching staff of the Hawks to approach the continuation of the season, and more if affinities, without giving a real regular playing time to a player of duty who does not have a crisis, takes his open shots and helps in defense when things are regularly demotivated in Atlanta.

A few units from his career record (28 points), Timothée Luwawu-Cabarrot had a match up to his expectations, ours and those of the Hawks last night at Wolves. The kind of perf that the local media will be talking about, and that could offer some media exposure and stability in the NBA for TLC. Congratulations to him for seizing his opportunity and the open shots, now we want more this Friday against his old franchise, the Nets!

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