250 people receive expired Pfizer vaccine doses

The doses were administered between September 7 and 21 when they could only be administered until September 5. The ARS assured that there was no identified health risk.

«A collective errorWith no identified health consequences. Based on information from France Blue Loire, the teams of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional health agency were informed on Tuesday, September 21 that 250 people had received a dose of the Pfizer vaccine … expired. About a hundred students from seven secondary schools in the region are concerned and participants in vaccination operations “Move towards», In several municipalities.

While the recommended use date for these doses was September 5, they were administered between September 7 and September 21. The ARS justified this error by a traceability problem. The thawing dates would not have been reported on the bottles, according to France Bleu. An audit to determine precisely the circumstances of the malfunction has been launched.

“No identified health risks”

In the meantime, the ARS ensures, with the approval of the National Medicines Safety Agency, that the injection of an expired dose is not dangerous. “I would really like to reassure the people who are concerned by this vaccination, because today there are no identified risks for the health of the people who are concerned.», Declared Cécilia Haas, chief of staff of ARS Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

However, the efficacy of the vaccine administered could be called into question. The parents of the schoolchildren concerned have therefore been warned that new vaccination dates will be offered to them, which is not considered valid.

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