27 arrested in Portland on 100th day of protests

PORTLAND, Oregon, USA – As unrest continues in Portland after 100 consecutive days of protests, authorities released additional court documents detailing the moments leading up to the murder of a right-wing protester last weekend.

The documents included footage from security video that showed the suspect, Michael Forest Reinoehl, sneaking into a parking lot and reaching into a pocket or holster at his waist before exiting to go after the victim, Aaron “Jay.” Danielson, a supporter of the Patriot Prayer group. Danielson carried a bear spray and an expandable baton, as well as a loaded Glock pistol in a holster at his waist, according to the documents.

The shooting attack occurred moments later and was not caught on the security camera. Witnesses told police that just before hearing the shots someone said something like “do you want to fight?” Which is often challenging for a fight. Danielson was shot in the chest and died at the scene.

Authorities have said they believe that Reinoehl, who was shot to death by police Thursday night in Washington state, was the one who killed Danielson. The court documents were filed to support the second-degree murder charges against Reinoehl, who was a sympathizer of Antifa – a word used to refer to anti-fascist groups and generally describing far-left militant groups resisting neo-Nazis and supremacists. targets during protests and other events.

In a videotaped interview broadcast the night of his death by Vice News, Reinoehl came close to admitting that he had shot Danielson, a supporter of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, on August 29 after supporters of President Donald Trump drove their trucks. pickup through downtown Portland. Reinoehl said that what happened was in self-defense because he thought he and a friend were about to be stabbed.

“I hate to say it, but I’m seeing a civil war just around the corner,” Reinoehl, who had a tattoo of a raised and partially covered fist on the right side of his neck, said in the interview.

The protests continued from Friday night to early Saturday in Portland, where police declared a congregation of people illegal and arrested 27 of them.

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Hundreds of protesters had gathered in Kenton Park Friday before heading to the Portland Police Association building, where officers ordered them to leave the streets and private property. Those who disobey could be summoned, arrested, face tear gas, crowd control officers or impact munitions, police said.

Around midnight, police were patrolling the street, driving protesters out of the area, shooting down people and arresting those who they said were disobeying orders. When some people were arrested, they were thrown to the ground and there were bloodstains on the pavement. Police officers used smoke devices, fired impact rounds and threw stun grenades as they tried to disperse the crowd, The Oregonian reported.


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