27F: what time is the march for vip vaccines

On February 27, opponents of the Government will march throughout the country

With the Plaza de Mayo as the main stage and in different strategic points throughout the country, this Saturday, February 27 at 5 p.m. there will be a march in repudiation of vip vaccine scandal, added to other slogans against the government of Alberto Fernandez. The convocation under the hashtag # 27F It is an initiative of leaders of the opposition and users of social networks.

The former federal prosecutor Pablo Lanuse He was one of the people who expressed his support for the mobilization and detailed the slogans for which he will attend the meeting. “The # 27F let us march in peace throughout the country. It was not a clowning! They diverted vaccines destined for health personnel, the elderly or other essential groups and vulnerable for the personal benefit of government officials, their friends and family. They are some scoundrels. Enough !! “, he wrote on his Twitter account.

Many users used the slogans “#YoVoy”, “everyone on the street” and cited the word “clowning”, used days ago by President Alberto Fernández to refer to the treatment that the media made about the vip vaccination program that would have worked in the Ministry of Health and whose scope the Justice is investigating.

The messages that endorse the call also include references to the recent conviction of former Kirchenista businessman Lázaro Báez for money laundering.

Which JxC leaders confirmed their presence in Saturday’s march?

Yes OK Together for Change (JxC), the main opposition coalition, defined that it will not call the protest institutionally, various references from the hard wing of macroism confirmed that they will attend the march using the hashtag # 27F #YoVoy.

“This Saturday we will march in peace, because of the anguish of the elderly, because of the feeling of injustice of those who are on the front line against Covid and because of the outrage that the K oligarchy causes to appropriate the vaccine,” the president wrote from Pro, Patricia bullrich, on his Twitter account. And I add: “To this new citizen mobilization, I am going”.

The deputies also joined the mobilization Fernando Iglesias placeholder image (Pro), Waldo Wolff (Pro), Alvaro de Lamadrid (UCR) and the former Minister of Agriculture Luis Miguel Etchevehere, among others.

Iglesias posted an image of Sergio Massa peeking out from behind a curtain to look out a window. “‘And, Sergio? Can we go out now?’. ‘No, Cris. People are gathering in the square. We are going to have to wait a couple of days more. Calm down,'” he wrote in the tweet referring to an imaginary dialogue between the president of the Chamber of Deputies and the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

For his part, Wolff shared the original post made by the Pro. “It is time to put the body. In peace. # 27F #YoVoy“, said the national deputy.

Etchevehere lashed out at the governor of Between rivers for the VIP vaccination. “Gustavo Bordet, its officials, more family and friends they were secretly vaccinated at the end of January. The ruling oligarchy sought to save itself while we do not know if there will be vaccines one day for all entrerrianos. A scoundrel, “said the former Minister of Agriculture.

On Monday, after the privilege vaccination scandal was uncovered, Elisa Carrió, reference of the CC, he had asked the citizens to “march in silence for an Argentine Republic with a moral identity”. Meanwhile, close to Alfredo Cornejo, head of the UCR, clarified: “We do not convene, but we support any citizen demonstration.”

The former head of Federal System of Public Media and Content during the government of Mauricio Macri, Hernan Lombardi, he uploaded a photo to social networks where he is next to Luis Brandoni. “We’re going,” he said.

“For our dignity, our consciences, for equality before the law and the end of any privilege,” he published Mariana Zuvic, national deputy for the Buenos aires city of JxC next to an image of the national flag with the phrase: “I go for non-violence and for peace“.

The national deputy Maximiliano Ferraro, president of the Civic Coalition, wrote: “With chinstrap, distancing and taking care of each other we join and accompany the citizen demonstration to defend the values ​​and ideas that made our country great“.

The deputy Graciela Ocana Juntos por el Cambio called for the resignation of those who received the benefit of the inoculation and who do not belong to a risk group nor are they part of the health personnel. “That the vaccinated vip resign“he cheered.

The radical Louis petri, a national deputy for the province of Mendoza, wrote: “They emptied the refrigerators, they adjusted their pensions, now they steal their vaccines and the ultra K of Gerardo Romano justifying it He says that ‘You have to privilege the youngest because the old have already lived’, that’s why today “.



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