3 days after its release, it is coming with you to Nancy Ajram, it exceeds a million views

The Lebanese singer’s song skippedNancy Ajram​ “​It’s with youOne million views on her YouTube channel, 3 days after its launch.
A new Nancy “Trend” was published on social networking sites in a number of Arab countries, including Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait.
“Jayeh Maak” is the third song from Nancy’s upcoming album, ” “Nancy 10And she released two songs from it, the first in the Egyptian dialect entitled “ “Your love is strongAnd another Lebanese one, “ “Your only problem​​”, which achieved 2 million views on YouTube, entered the local and global trend on the same site.
We note that the song “Jayeh Ma’ak” is from the lyricsKhaled Taj El Din, composed byWalid SaadAnd music distributionAhmed Ibrahim​. The beginning of the song says: “I’m coming with you, I’m going to be with you.


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