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There is a paper book that I would like to recommend because it is an e-book era. All of them are books that you will want to read over and over again while taking advantage of the characteristics of paper books. In particular, we have compiled three recommended books as business books for marketers.

goodness of paper books

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Even though e-books such as Kindle have become popular, many people still read paper books. In fact, even in the United States, the home of Kindle, e-books do not reach paper books in terms of sales. Japan is no different.

Of course, e-books are useful in Japan because they don’t take up much space. Especially in comics with a large number of volumes, there are many people who prefer e-books.

Now let’s think about the merits of paper books.

the paper will be yours

Strictly speaking, when purchasing an e-book, you are only buying the right to read the e-book. So, if Kindle ends the service for some reason, you can’t read the purchased e-books again.

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Some e-book stores also have stores where you can download and keep your data, but very few. Of course, Kindle, which has the top share, is just buying a license instead.

Even if Kindle doesn’t end service, you won’t be able to read the same if your account is lost.

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As expected, the e-book store will not go away, so don’t get caught up in it. Even TSUTAYA (TSUTAYA.com eBOOKs) has withdrawn from e-books.

E-books are scrolls

There are two types of e-books. Reflow type and non-reflow type. Those whose reflow type is text readable and those that are not are collections of image data. Therefore, the capacity is large, and there are many things that are difficult to read without a tablet such as the iPad.

Sefer Torah / Sefer Torah
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The reflow type has excellent searchability, supports character scaling, and can be accompanied by various functions such as markers. This is one of the advantages of e-books. Recently, I see a lot of books with little content, probably on the assumption that they will be made into e-books. The index is a very important function for specialized books that you want to read again and again like a dictionary, but recently I’ve been saddened by the increasing number of books that lack it.

But that advantage is also a disadvantage. Since it is a scroll, the number of pages will increase if the font size is increased, and the number of pages will decrease if the font size is decreased. In other words, the layout of the written document cannot be controlled by the author because the reader can change it arbitrarily.

There are times when we want to express things in terms of layout and character size, but in the case of e-books, especially the reflowable type, the data is light, but it is nothing more than a series of characters. Therefore, even if the author wants to be particular about the layout and design, it is not possible.

Paper books last longer

Paper books deteriorate. However, as long as it exists, it can be stored for hundreds of years if you just manage to read it.

But can we really say that e-books will last forever because they are digital? As previously mentioned, will Amazon continue for hundreds of years to come? Will the data format stay the same?

Furthermore, is it okay to use the same device for reading e-books all the time? Every time the OS is updated, the e-book application is also forced to update, and in factI have to keep buying new devicesIsn’t that the current situation?

Older devices are gradually being removed from support. Even if e-book data is eternal, there is a problem that the device that can read it deteriorates quickly.

Expression only possible with paper

34. Many - Kid
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The picture book genre is probably one of the genres where people prefer to buy paper books rather than electronic books, even in the age of e-books.

Everything that jumps out at you when you open a picture book is its world, and you can think of everything as an “experience,” such as the mechanism and visuals of pop-up picture books, the size and texture of the letters, and so on.

In other words, if it’s just “information”, paper books are no different from e-books. However, books written as “experiences” cannot be completely replaced with e-books in the first place. Even if it were made into an e-book, it would be a different experience.

Therefore, there are many books written with awareness of “experiences” that can be differentiated from such circumstances. In this article, we will introduce books that are strongly aware of such “expressions that are unique to paper books” and have succeeded in doing so.

It is a recommended book that you will never lose for any of them.

Why can’t we just use the internet?

Professional information technology Why is it not possible to use only the Internet? | Aoi Kita

Professional information technology Why is it not possible to use only the Internet?

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A book by Aoi Kita, a famous researcher. He has been researching many TV programs such as “Legal Counseling Center with Long Lines”.

This book explains Mr. Kita’s research techniques. In the age of the Internet, strategic research that includes things other than the Internet becomes important. Especially from now on, AI will be able to answer more and more information on the Internet, so the skill of how to efficiently search for information other than the Internet will become even more important.

Aoi Kita

Aoi Kita reveals in this book that these footnotes and her own layout are intentional. It is nothing less than conveying the richness of information gathering from sources other than the Internet through the experience of reading this book. What a persuasive expression!

Aoi Kita

And all of these footnotes shine as persuasively as the main text, thanks to Ms. Aoi Kita, who has backed up on many programs.

As a book that should be read on paper, it is a paper book that I would first recommend to all businessmen in the AI ​​era.

A mechanism that makes you want to read it again and again

Grab it in 1 second 32 techniques that keep you entertained until the end with “funny never seen before”: Hiroki Takahashi

Grab it in 1 second 32 techniques that keep you entertained until the end with
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This is a book by Mr. Takahashi, the director of the popular TV show “Is it good to follow your house?”

This book is also a book that you can not experience all the charm unless you read it on paper. When I read it for the first time, I still remember that I couldn’t help but raise my voice about a certain trick that was revealed near the end. What a painful trick!

Of course, this book also has many footnotes, and everything in the design and layout has a meaning as the author wants to say.

can i follow you home

Even though it is a business book, I recommend paper books for those who create so-called contents, those who are trying to advance business strategically, and businessmen who are interested in giant killing (small organizations and methods).

I wrote a review of this book in a past article, so please check it out.

Today’s must-read book for YouTubers “Grasp in 1 second” review

A monument that asks what it means to be a professional

The Other Side of Mei, Ai, Help, and Yu (Creevogue Series) | Yu Inoue

The other side of Meiai Helppuyu

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>>Nippon Vogue Co., Ltd. Mei, Ai, Help Yuu no Megumi Inoue – Mercari

*The image was borrowed from the above Mercari.

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This book is very old, published more than 30 years ago. Actually, it is a business book that I came across at a second-hand bookstore when I was a university student. It is written in a picture book style and is very easy to read.

However, even now, I still keep it near my desk as a guidebook that I read irregularly. It is a book that contains the maxims and essence of business that are still relevant today.

I think it’s a book that probably can’t be conveyed in an e-book, with its unique atmosphere, looseness, and atmosphere.

It is a paper book that I would like many businessmen to read, as it is a book that explains in plain language the essentials of what it means to be a professional, what a job is, and what a city and society are.

I want to know more about the benefits of paper books

I’ve told you what I know about the goodness of paper books, but there must be many more wonderful books in the world.

I really want to know good books that are unique to paper books that I don’t even know about. I would be happy if you could tell me about Twitter etc.

When I publish on Kindle, I also want to focus on paperbacks and convey what can only be conveyed in print.

・ ・ ・ ・ ・

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