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While some of the players were disappointed with the « trailer de gameplay » unveiled for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on Xbox series X last May, we are entitled today to a video of 30 minutes of (real) gameplay fallen from the truck of the web. Here is the information we were able to identify.

Note: Ubisoft is in the process of removing all videos that are betting or uploading. We will therefore not put any link in this article.

A big seat

Last, let’s specify all the same from us before you reveal the information: this video was probably not intended to be shown to the general public (the player in this demonstration seems to discover the mechanics to be nice). It is a “work in progress” as indicated in this same video. In view of the gameplay and bugs, we imagine that this is a version dating from some time already. It therefore absolutely does not reflect the final rendering of the game.

This sequence showed us first Eivor (the female version) having to go to the seaside in order to besiege the castle of Burgh (located in the east of England) in order to save an NPC there. After a motivating speech, the assault begins with a passage at sea aboard drakkars where the Vikings must take flaming arrows. Arrived at destination, they then pass through a siege phase where they must break down the main door of the fort. It seems that you can pass by manipulating a ram with other soldiers or by letting Evior climb so that she can open herself on the other side.

After a big battle, it ends up in a fight against a boss in which we have the choice of life or death after defeating him. Apparently, the NPC in question is an Englishman intended to marry a Viking woman (perhaps with a view to unification in reference to the clan system of which Ubisoft had spoken).

Odyssey + ?

Among the details that we could observe, we find a lot of elements fromAssassin’s Creed Odyssey as expected. But there are also some minor changes. Here is a brief list of the elements that have been retained:

  • Several views for the horse phases (at the Red Dead Redemtion 2)
  • Siege phases where you control a ram (alternating charges and protections with shields against enemy arrows)
  • Apparently there will be no transitions to the Odyssey for big battles
  • The activities of the map are divided into 3 segments: riches, mysteries, and secrets
  • A skill tree represented by constellations and divided into 3 parts (Bear, Raven, and wolf)
  • In this tree we find unique knots and skills
  • Each node will increase Eivor’s basic stats while unique skills will give new hits
  • The equipment system is much the same as in Odyssey
  • The pieces of equipment are divided into 3 types, the same as those in the skill tree. Your equipment will therefore be more efficient depending on the path you choose to develop.
  • It will always be possible to improve them by spending materials

Again, these images probably do not reflect the final rendering of the title but it still gives a good overview and as we suspected, it more or less takes up the skeleton of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey even if many novelties are still to be discovered like the clan system.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be released at the end of the yeare sur PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One et Xbox Series X.


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