30 years for the deceived husband and 12 years for his accomplice

A hairdresser was sentenced Friday in Montpellier to 30 years imprisonment for the murder in 2014 of a former lover of his wife, whose body was found half-charred in a cavity in Sète, in the so-called case of the “bloody cave”.

Audrey Louvet, the co-accused of this hairdresser at home, Rémi Chesne, was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for having served as bait to lure the victim into the former disused mushroom farm of Sète, where took place the crime, but was not convicted of murder.

The two accomplices incurred life imprisonment, which had been required Thursday against Rémi Chesne. Ten years of imprisonment had been requested against Audrey Louvet.

Motivated, according to the prosecution, by the adventure lived by the victim with his wife – who had committed suicide in 2009 -, Rémi Chesne, 51, has claimed his innocence since the beginning of the case and throughout length of the trial which opened on January 18.

Reported missing on June 23, 2014, near the Listel cave in Sète, Patrick Isoird was found on July 17 in a cavity of this underground gallery of Mont Saint-Clair: feet and fists bound, the cranial box exploded by a bullet of hunting rifle fired less than 50 cm by a person overhanging it, the body charred after a combustion of “several hours”, according to the forensic expert.

“We avoided the worst, it was required against this man life imprisonment. He is sentenced to 30 years, it is a heavy sentence but it is not a penalty of elimination”, reacted to the press Luc Abratkiewicz one of Mr. Chesne’s two defenders, without indicating whether or not his client was going to appeal.

“The secret of the cave of Sète is the revenge of a wounded man” who “savagely executed” a “good man”, had assured the Advocate General Georges Gutierrez Thursday, speaking of a “Machiavellian scenario” .

Patrick Isoird had been the lover of the wife of Rémi Chesne, found hanged at the family home the day after this affair, on July 5, 2009. Mr. Isoird then said that she was preparing to divorce.

– A “ghost” haunts the trial –

The investigation into the death of Ms. Chesne in 2009 had concluded a suicide, without excluding “the intervention of a third”. Another investigation, opened in 2017, has not advanced since.

“The ghost of Nadège has haunted this trial since its first day”, launched Thursday Me Jean-Marc Darrigade, lawyer for the victim’s family.

“I did what Rémi told me … I never thought he could kill”, for his part assured at the bar during the trial Audrey Louvet, 39, described by the psychiatrist expert as “fragile” and “subject to others”, after a childhood “marked by severe infantile trauma”, including incestuous rape.

The mother of two was released on June 11, due to an excessive length of pre-trial detention.

“Tell the truth, you. I hate you!” The frail woman with long brown hair shouted several times to Rémi Chesne, sitting in the accused box.

“Audrey Louvet is relieved: for the first time in her life, we believed what she said”, reacted Friday his lawyer Eva Fournier, speaking of a sentence “just”.

Audrey Louvet’s confessions “stop beyond what it is possible to say, the rest is unspeakable, we can not imagine what happened in this crematorium”, had lamented Thursday Me Darrigade , stressing that the Isoird family would have wanted “the whole truth”.

And the penalist to put forward a hypothesis: “dead in atrocious conditions”, Patrick Isoird, was tied up by his “executioner” to “have time to speak to him, to read the grimace of fear on his face and to savor”.

Friday, after 10 days of a particularly trying trial, several members of the crying victim’s family hugged each other when the verdict was announced.

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