300 kg weightlifting female will sleep on a cardboard bed like this, claiming to sleep on the ground no problem: netizens feel distressed-IT and Sports

Recently, there has been a lot of controversy about the cardboard bed for the Olympic Games. Is it anti-fabrication? On July 22, Chinese female weightlifter Li Wenwen uploaded a video on her social media. The weightlifter, who is close to 300 kg, said, “Many netizens asked, the bed is made of paper, can I sleep? I will answer you today. …”


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“Don’t worry, because I slept on the ground! So there is no problem!” The concept of an environmentally friendly cardboard bed for the Olympics began before the new crown epidemic. The person in charge of the sponsor said: “We have spent 3 years on development, and after repeated tests, we confidently provide it to the Olympic Village. Although it has sufficient strength, please avoid jumping.”

Regarding the jumping and compressive resistance of the cardboard bed, Irish gymnast Les McLennahan also tested.

He bounced on the bed and said: “There are reports that the paper bed is to avoid intimacy between athletes. This is obviously fake news.”

In the women’s 87 kg or more class, Li Wenwen won the clean and jerk, snatch and overall results in the World Championships, and broke the two world records of clean and jerk and overall results. All three world records of this level belong to Li Wenwen.

In the Asian Championships in April this year, Li Wenwen won the women’s 87 kg and above class with a snatch of 148 kg, a clean and jerk of 187 kg, and a total score of 335 kg. All three events broke world records.

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