350 young people from 145 countries organize a virtual COP 26

«Mock COP 26“. These letters sound like a code name or a password to an enigma but it is a mission for the 350 young people from 145 countries taking part in an initiative launched by Josh Tregale, an 18-year-old Briton, student at Imperial College London. For two weeks, several hundred young people will reflect on the themes of “climate justice, climate education, health, green jobs and carbon reduction targets“And”testify to the involvement of young people in the fight against global warming”, Especially in this time of a global pandemic.

Health restrictions oblige, participants meet by videoconference. The “Mock COP 26»Opened Thursday, November 19 at noon, with a ceremony to which Alok Sharma the president of the real COP26 and British Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy was invited. He praised this “fantastic initiative“And”the dedication and commitment of the organizers to fight against climate change».

«Amplify voices»

«I want to show them that governments can no longer delay climate action», Testifies to Figaro Malaika Collette, organizer of Mock COP26 for Canada. “Young people want to take a seat at the decision-making table“And be solicited for their”creativity, ideas and abilities», Adds the young woman. “The young people were disappointed with the postponement of COP26, adds Dom Jaramillo, a young Ecuadorian woman, who participated in the organization of this summit, to fill this void, we decided to run our own COP, to raise ambition and carry out actions that can prevent further irreparable damage ”.

Despite the absence of Greta Thurnberg, who is otherwise “welcome», According to the organizers, several voices known in the fight against global warming intervene during the sessions and encourage the project. “I am delighted to see young people from all over the world come together […] to amplify marginalized voices within the climate movement», Rejoices Jayathma Wickramanayake, sent for Youth on behalf of the UN.

The 29-year-old Sri Lankan woman wants “decision-makers around the world are taking the climate crisis seriously and pledging to take meaningful action on climate change to ensure a healthy and sustainable planet for generations to come“. At a time when the French Council of State gave Thursday, November 19 three months to the government to “Justify that the reduction path of 40% compared to 1990 levels by 2030 can be respected”, young people from the “Mock COP 26“Want their gathering to serve”exampleFor the heads of state who will meet in 2021.

A legal treaty for politicians

“Transform the final declaration into a legal treaty” so that “governments can adopt it“Is the aim of”Mock COP 26“. For this, the young people are supported by the association specializing in environmental law Client Earth which is “proud to support and involve the future generation in the perspective of COP26», Encourages James Thornton, founder of the association.

«The situation is serious»For committed young people. They point out that October 2020 saw record temperatures, above the 1981-2010 benchmark average, according to the Copernicus Climate Change Service. Samuel Okorie is “Mock COP 26” delegate for Nigeria. Asked by Le Figaro, the young man made the fight against global warming “his own fight” after having “suffered loss and damageIn his personal life. Since the start of the pandemic, he has wondered how he can continue his actions despite the impossibility of meeting. “The best way […] is to advocate on social networks, to write articles to invite as many people as possible to change their lifestyle to make it more sustainable ”, he adds, inviting young people to “grow their own food, eat less meat and reduce the use of plastic».

Proposals that the participants of the “Mock COP 26Address the heads of state who, for them, must not reduce the health of citizens to the pandemic but also to the general state of the planet.


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