36 confirmed cases of coronavirus – Telemundo New York (47)

NEW YORK – A total of 173 people tested positive in New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday. Most of them in Westchester with 108, followed by New York City with 36, Nassau County with 19, Rockland 6, Saratoga with 2, Suffolk with 1 and Ulster with 1.

Mayor Bill de Blasio recalled that the people most at risk are those over 50 years old and with conditions such as heart problems, lung problems, cancer, diabetes or a low immune system. He asks them to take more precautions and in general to all residents to follow the precautionary measures.

For questions about coronavirus visit nyc.gov/coronavirus or text COVID to 692692. You can also call 311.

Important steps for New Yorkers:

  • Try to avoid using public transportation, such as the subway, during rush hours. This is due to the large number of people inside the cars during these hours.
  • If you feel sick stay in case or talk to a doctor.
  • If you have flu or flu symptoms, do not go to work, see your doctor first.

The new victims include a 7-year-old girl and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Executive Director Rick Cotton is among the newest patients, government officials said at a news conference Monday.

The updated total includes new cases in Westchester County, which has become a national outbreak focus. In New York City, including the first two in Brooklyn and Nassau and Rockland counties, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday. He also confirmed that Cotton was among the new positives and said he would be working from home.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced 7 nine new cases of coronavirus on Saturday.

Between these:

  • Two family members of the man in his 50s who tested positive on the Upper West Side: The new cases are his wife and 11-year-old daughter. They are now quarantined at home with mild symptoms.
  • An uber driver in his 30s who is hospitalized in Queens. He does not have a TLC license and drives on Long Island.
  • Two Brooklyn women in their 60s and 70s who returned from a cruise ship in Egypt where there were passengers with cases. They are at home in mandatory quarantine.
  • A Brooklyn man in his 30s who is currently in serious condition in a hospital. The patient returned from a trip to Italy.
  • Plus a man from Manhattan in his 50s who tested positive after spending time with someone who had the virus in Chile. He is at home in mandatory quarantine.

On the other hand, the mayor reported Saturday morning that 18 NYC residents are in mandatory quarantine and 2,225 in voluntary. Tests performed so far in New York City have returned negative, while 40 results are still awaited.

De Blasio, reminded the community to take precautionary measures, such as washing their hands. Also, if you feel any of the symptoms, such as a cough or fever, ask to stay home.

He also stated that although the priority continues to be people who have traveled to places that have high rates of the outbreak of the disease or those who have had contact with someone who tested positive, contagion within the community is now also a priority.

He added that now the City has more capacity to carry out tests per day, hundreds of them, but that the goal is to seek to carry out thousands of them per day.

For this they ask the FDA for help, in addition to a system that can give the results of the tests faster.

Many of the new cases are related to Westchester and they began to spread with the first case, a Manhattan resident attorney. One of the latest cases in Manhattan is a man in his 50s who has mild symptoms, de Blasio said. Disease detectives are working to learn more about his family and any close contacts he had while he was contagious.


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