3JS singer Jan Dulles: ‘I don’t want to complain about lost income’ | NOW

The new 3JS album called The Nature of the Beast, will be released this Friday. Performances are not yet possible due to the corona crisis, but singer Jan Dulles remains positive. “I don’t think we should be complaining to artists,” he tells NU.nl.

You think this is the most positive album the 3JS have ever made. How did that happen?

“When we started writing a year and a half ago, we commissioned ourselves to write only positive songs that make us happy.”

Are you better at writing sad or positive songs?

“I have to do my best for positive songs. Somehow I manage to describe melancholy feelings better. When we make a song, we start with the chords and then with the lyrics. writing if the chords are cheerful, but if the melody threatens to be even sad, it directly influences my text. “

When you started this album guitarist Jan de Witte had just left the band. Was that drive for positivity a way to deal with that setback?

“Yes. We had just heard from Jan that week that he quit. We saw it coming, but of course we did not like it. We did not know what to do and had no replacement in mind. But we needed new songs When Jaap (Kwakman, ed.) and I went to Texel to write on that empty island in February. We said to each other: “We can now write pathetic blues songs or do the opposite.” That’s how it started. “

Was the band’s survival at stake during that period?

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“In principle, yes, because if you don’t find that replacement, it will end. We absolutely wanted someone from Volendam or at least close by. That is logistically more convenient.”

Is that the only reason? When I write this down, the rest of the Netherlands thinks: you see what kind of sect it is.

“I am very aware of that. That is why I say every time: we are not a sect and we are no more musical in Volendam than in the rest of the Netherlands. It is purely because we have become accustomed to all within a be in the studio for a minute. Some things just need to stay that way for peace of mind. But then we found Robin Küller and now everything is fine again. “

When you have a new album, you usually go on tour immediately. That is now gone.

“Our tour started in February and we planned to release the album at the time. But we didn’t save that. We produced it ourselves, but the agenda was just too full. So we’ve all played those songs live already. That was unique to us, because you usually release an album first and then you will see how you want to play those new songs live. However, that tour ended after ten shows, because a virus came around the corner. “

Many artists have recently claimed emergency aid. That is understandable, but for some fans the image of the independent, independent artist is somewhat crumbling.

“I agree with you. I also don’t think that we artists should complain on television about the income that we miss. If session musicians do that, I understand, because they have nothing now. But I keep out of that. I now live somewhat from my savings, but we can not go on vacation, so you spend almost nothing. It is not so hard. “

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“The three of us will at some point be forced to go back to the theaters. Perhaps with a very stripped-down show with two acoustic guitars. From July, a hundred people will be allowed in the audience. I hope that number will soon be doubled , then we can do something again. “


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