4 Dangers of Electric Laser Circumcision

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call using lasers today many are used to remove tissue penis. However, medically, laser circumcision that uses heat from electricity is considered dangerous for the penis child.

Urologist, Arry Rodjani, explained that laser circumcision, which is widely practiced in society, is risky and dangerous for children.

Arry explained that laser circumcision, which is widely used today, is not laser circumcision in the medical sense. Medical lasers are devices that store energy and are emitted in the form of light to cut tissue.

However, laser circumcision which is mostly practiced in Indonesia is circumcision which is performed using heat energy to cut tissue obtained from electricity.

“Laser circumcision does not use a real laser, but uses heat energy, electrical energy. So, it is cut with this tool and risks causing
tissue damage due to heat energy such as burns to amputations, “said Arry in a media discussion, Wednesday (3/3).

Arry explained that this electric laser circumcision uses a device called a cautery. This tool is different from standardized medical lasers and can only be obtained for medical purposes.

Based on data from the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI), currently laser circumcision has been performed 10.2 million times.

“The data on laser circumcision is around 10.2 million. This data makes me surprised. It means how many complications occur from that data,” said Arry.

Here are the dangers of laser circumcision with electricity.

1. Damaging the penile tissue

The heat energy obtained from the electric laser can damage the penile tissue. Damage to penile tissue is difficult to treat.

2. Nervous disorders

The use of cauter in laser circumcision is at risk of causing severe nerve disorders.

“This happened because of the contact between the cautery and the clamp,” said Arry, who is on duty at the RSCM.

3. Amputation of the penis

Laser circumcision can also expose the penis to infection and risk amputation. This makes part of the penis cut off and can not be returned to normal.

4. Can not get an erection

Laser circumcision that causes problems with the penis, including amputation, makes the penis unable to erect at a later date. This condition can make men unable to reproduce.

Therefore, Arry suggested that everyone who is circumcised or parents can choose a safe circumcision procedure, which is a standard or conventional procedure. Actions must also be carried out by skilled and licensed personnel.

“It must be done with standard measures or conventional techniques. It means knowing which parts are cut and not injuring the parts that are not cut and using sterile tools,” said Arry.

Perform safe procedures to avoid the dangers of laser electric circumcision.


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