4 simple tips to fix even the toughest kitchen problems

Our kitchens are used more than ever – which makes it even more difficult to keep them clean. Don’t worry if you fight an endless battle with caked-up tin pans, gruesome cast iron pots, and a microwave that looks like it went through war: you’re about to do new tricks. The best part? You already have everything you need to solve your toughest problems.

Bye, tin pan

Now delicious, later difficult to clean up. (Photo: Getty)

The oven-fried chicken from last night is baked today! We have all felt defeated by bakeware, tin pans, and pots that require serious muscle to clean. However, here’s a trick you might want to try the next time your dishes are a disaster. Only a trip to your laundry room is required.

Fill your dirty Pyrex, baking sheet or saucepan to the brim with hot water. Next, hover a dryer sheet over it (yes, a dryer sheet!). Let it stand for an hour (or overnight, for really hard stains). The conditioning properties of the dryer sheet help soften caked food, so no scrubbing is required! Genius, no?

You can also try a scrub daddy. We love that these sponges take care of every cleaning request with the turn of your tap. Cold water turns the sponge into a hard stone block to fight stubborn, burned-in dirt, while hot water turns it into a soft sponge to easily wipe off grease.

Give your cast iron new life

No more fear of ever having to clean up the cast iron again. (Photo: Getty)
No more fear of ever having to clean up the cast iron again. (Photo: Getty)

Cast iron pots and pans can cook a common braised meat, but cleaning leaves a lot to be desired. The easiest way to tackle a baked Le Creuset? Aluminum foil.

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Let your pot cool down, then simply wrap high-performance film into a ball and use it to scrub off any leftovers. Sprinkle with coarse salt for more grain! Rinse your pot and don’t forget to dry it thoroughly. Finally, season again with a thin layer of oil.

Try a little BarKeeper friend if you are really having trouble. This stuff cleans everything – you can use it for lime, rust, shower doors, brass, porcelain sinks, cutlery, jewelry, car headlights, grills …

Switch your dishwasher back on

Your dishwasher must be cleaned as thoroughly as your plates. (Photo: Getty)
Your dishwasher must be cleaned as thoroughly as your plates. (Photo: Getty)

While your dishwasher may still make your glasses shiny, the reality is that your dishes and cups are still gross. Your dishwasher is a melting pot of bacteria: We are talking about dirt, mineral deposits, fat and food residues that create a home in and around the cavernous walls.

Don’t worry: you can easily clean and disinfect it with ingredients that you already have at home.

First sprinkle 4-5 tablespoons of baking soda over the bottom of the dishwasher. Next, put a cup of white vinegar in the middle of the top rack and just cycle. That’s it!

No sweat

Do not reheat leftovers in a dirty microwave. (Photo: Getty)
Do not reheat leftovers in a dirty microwave. (Photo: Getty)

Between tomato sauce and mysterious remains, the dirt in your microwave is downright disgusting. Here’s a quick hack that you can use to almost clean your microwave yourself.

Place a heat-resistant cup with 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda and water in your microwave and raise it to four minutes. When the time runs out, you will find that the walls of your microwave are sweaty and possibly smelly than your spa steam room. The baked mess is effortlessly wiped off with a soft cloth.

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For a cuter (and less smelly) alternative, you can fill the Angry Mama microwave cleaner with vinegar, water, and lemon juice and spin it in the microwave.

While spring cleaning with kids and family around the house is like brushing your teeth when eating oreo, this can be done – and you don’t have to buy expensive new cleaners either!

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