419 vaccinodromes have been set up in high schools

The start of the vaccination campaign for 12-17 year olds will be given tomorrow, if we are to believe the joint press release from the Ministries of Health and National Education. The objective being to launch the 2021-2022 school season in ideal sanitary conditions, in order to avoid any spread of the virus in schools in the Kingdom. The Pfizer and Sinopharm vaccines will be the cornerstones of this operation, the device and logistics of which have been designed with a view to covering a target population of 2.98 million students in public and private education and foreign missions.

419 vaccinodromes have emerged in high schools, all over the Kingdom. Nearly 1,200 people among the national health personnel will be mobilized to reach an ideal of 160,000 vaccinations per day. A vaccination which, let us remember, is not compulsory, but rather voluntary. It is expected to continue until the 2.98 million targeted students are immunized.

Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The latter will have previously signed a vaccination authorization, before choosing the vaccine to be administered to the child via a registration platform. Regarding the identification of children and adolescents studying in public and private establishments, it will go through their Massar code. For the foreign missions, the schools would have provided lists of pupils.

Faced with a highly contagious Delta variant, it is not surprising that the virus circulates intensely in children and adolescents, without resulting in severe forms of the disease. In the UK it spread mainly from children. As proof, more than a million students were absent during the last month of school. On the other side of the Atlantic, in the United States, 121,000 cases of children and adolescents were reported last week, while in France, the clusters have multiplied alarmingly in the air centers and summer camps. But as mentioned above, the Delta variant is no more dangerous for children than any other variant. Except that its contagiousness can contribute to the spread of the epidemic if the virus is actively circulating in schools. Hence the interest of the vaccination campaign.



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