5 Benefits of Sunlight for Living Things

Sun illustration. (pixabay / 3938030)

Hitekno.com – Known as a source of energy and light for Earth, sun it also has another function when it comes to generating heat and warmth. This is what makes the temperature in this region of the Earth habitable for humans and other living things. Then, anything the benefits of sunlight for living beings?

The presence of the sun certainly provides a myriad of benefits not only for humans but also for animals and plants. To find out more, consider the explanation of the benefits of sunlight for living things below.

Benefits of Sunlight for Living Things

1. Source of Vitamin D

Sun illustration. (pixabay / Imaresz)

Sunlight is a source of vitamin D which has various benefits for the body. This vitamin is effective for maintaining healthy bones, blood cells, heart, brain, immune system, and preventing disease. To be able to feel the benefits, you must consistently bask in the sun every morning for 15-30 minutes.

2. The process of photosynthesis

Plants need sunlight to carry out photosynthesis in order to empower and maintain their survival. In practice, this photosynthetic process will produce oxygen needed by living things, including humans.

3. Warm Animals

Not only humans and plants, animals also need sunlight. The hot temperature in the sun will be absorbed into the animal’s body and used to warm the body so that the animal can always be healthy and active.

4. Panel Tata Surya

In addition, solar energy can also be used as a source of solar electricity. The trick, by placing metal plates. Later, the plate will absorb the sun’s heat. Then, with the help of technology, the sun’s heat will be converted into electricity. In this case, sunlight also serves as a source of light.

5. Household

In household activities such as drying clothes, shoes, and grain, we need the presence of sunlight. Sunlight in this case is certainly very useful and effective for daily activities. Moreover, this sunlight can be used for free.

That was the benefits of sunlight for living things, hopefully it is useful. (Suara.com/Fitri Asta Pramesti)


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