5 regional specialties to discover

Annecy: 5 regional specialties to discover

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Annecy: 5 regional specialties to discover

Discover the authentic taste of this mountain region thanks to these local nuggets.

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Reblochon, pearl of the mountain pastures

It was born in the 13th century from a fraud by the peasants of the valley of Thones who practiced a second milking of their cows after having paid their tax. Reblochon is emblematic of Haute-Savoie. To taste it raw, Pierre Gay, trader from Annecy, recommends choosing it farmer, with its green pastille indicating that it was produced just after milking, from the milk of a single farm. The cheese maker extends the ripening started in the mountain pastures up to 60 days. This creamy delight with notes of hazelnut can also be devoured cooked, for example in the famous tartiflette.

Génépi, digestive flower

This liqueur from the Alps is “perfect after a good meal”, according to grocer Philippe Teychenne. Among the many manufacturers, he recommends the liquoristerie de la Vanoise, renowned for its artisanal alcohols made from flowers and plants. The recipe for maceration in one expression? “Forty strands, forty sugars, forty days”. To sip to digest, after a rich local specialty!

Savoy wine

It is not appreciated at its true value. This is the opinion of the wine merchant Bruno Bozzer, at the head of the Java des Flacons boutique, which has 200 Savoyard references. Among his many bottles, he recommends the Roussette de Savoie from Château de la Mar, a heritage from the Middle Ages: “It is a dry white, very fruity, with fullness in the mouth, which will work as an aperitif with dice. of beaufort, as with a lake fish ”.

Crozets, local pasta

These small, flat, square pastas are typical of the region. Traditionally made from buckwheat flour, they also exist in wheat. They can be plain, flavored with porcini mushrooms or even nuts. “The crozets can be used for a gratin, a soup or, of course, a croziflette », Observes Philippe Teychenne, of the delicatessen Saveurs here and there, located in the city center.

The chocolate reed

It is one of the specialties of Annecy. A sugar stick, filled and coated with dark chocolate, which evokes lake vegetation. When it was created in 1924, it was at the café. “The reed can also contain regional liqueurs, for example chartreuse or genepi. We have a total of fourteen flavors, including praline for those who don’t like alcohol, ”explains chocolate maker Bruno Meyer. The boss’s favorite: the pear one.

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Article published in the issue Femme Actuelle Jeux Délices n ° 15 February-March 2021

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