5 Ways To Know Weight Loss Without Scales

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Balance is not the only means of measuring body weight. There are other ways to know how to lose weight without other scales that can help you track whether you have lost weight or not.

Although it does not show results in the form of numbers such as scales, this effort is quite accurate and can be a solution when pressed.

In addition, body weight is not the only measure of weight loss. If you do exercise, it’s possible that your body is burning fat and building muscle mass at the same time.

So it is possible that the weight does not go down, but the fat is reduced and instead the muscles are compact.

For that, see 5 ways to find out how to lose weight without using a weighing tool.

1. Try wearing old clothes

Photo: Istockphoto / kupicoo
Illustration. How to know how to lose weight without a scale by trying to get back on old clothes and pants.

The easiest way to know how to lose weight is to try wearing old clothes or jeans that were abandoned because they were narrow.

Refer The Star, You can check whether the clothes feel loose, free to move, do not form folds of fat, and zippers and buttons can be closed.

If the clothes fit and are comfortable again, that certainly indicates that you are losing weight. Moreover, the pants that are tried to feel loose and require a belt to keep them from sagging, your diet program is successful.

2. Use a measuring tape

I am fat. Nice red haired woman measuring her waist while wanting to lose her weightFoto: iStockphoto/Zinkevych
Illustration. How to find out weight loss without a scale using a measuring tape.

Even though measuring tape may seem old-fashioned, the tool used by many tailors can be useful in determining your weight without a scale.

Measuring waist and hip circumference can be a strong indicator of weight loss. To do this, place the tape at the same point or place every time you measure. Write down the number after exhaling normally.

Apart from waist and hip circumference, other areas that can be measured are the chest, upper arms, buttocks, thighs and calves. But don’t worry if you diet with a combination of exercise. Although the size does not show a reduction, it could be increased muscle mass.

When using a tape measure to track weight loss, don’t expect to see an immediate change in a matter of days. Because this measuring method takes longer about every few weeks.

3. Photos selfie weekly

Male Selfie IllustrationFoto: tookapic/Pixabay
Illustration. How to find out weight loss without scales by taking selfie photos regularly.

Research shows that taking selfies for documentation will keep you motivated to continue reaching your goal weight.

Also, seeing the physical changes over time from a photo can give you a sense of satisfaction. To track the changes, take selfies, be it a close up or the whole body every week, from several different angles.

Wear clothes and stand in the same place every photo. Do not be discouraged if there are no drastic changes in 1 or 2 photos. As long as you consistently do a diet and exercise properly, you will get satisfying results.

However, weight loss is a gradual process that does not occur overnight.

4. Check sleep patterns

Young woman lying in bedPhoto: Istockphoto / bymuratdeniz
Illustration. How to know how to lose weight without a scale by checking sleep patterns.

Sleep patterns are a direct sign of the benefits of exercise routines and activities that you do in a day. The more active the body during the day, the better the quality and quantity of sleep at night.

In addition, sleep deprivation and insomnia can inhibit the production of hormones that control hunger and actually increase appetite.

No wonder people who experience sleep disorders tend to eat more when they stay up all night.

Getting a good night’s sleep helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle and helps with your weight loss journey.

The better the sleep pattern, the less likely it is to gain weight. The National Sleep Foundation recommends getting seven to nine hours of restful sleep to ensure an adult’s rest needs are met.

5. Use a body fat calculator

hp charger illustrationFoto: iStockphoto/AntonioGuillem
Illustration. How to find out weight loss without a scale by calculating body fat on an online calculator.

How to find out your weight without a scale can be done by using a body fat calculator that can be checked regularly online.

Quoting LiveStrong, from this method you can get results as your body fat percentage over time.

Body fat percentage is fat tissue versus lean mass, aka bone and connective tissue.

A higher percentage of body fat, even if your total weight is normal, indicates that you are prone to health problems related to obesity, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

According to the reference, it is said to be dangerous if men have more than 23.1 percent body fat and 33.3 percent for women, according to the Mayo Clinic.

You can measure your body fat every one or two months. If it shows reduced results then you lost weight in the form of fat, even though your weight or pants size does not show a change.


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