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LAST: The DNT cabin Fondsbu in Jotunheimen is closed for ten days. Two have tested positive on coronal test.

– The Red Cross assists in transporting employees, and it has been announced that 15 snowmobiles will be used to make this happen, said general manager Henning Wikborg in DNT Oslo and Omegn Thursday night.

There have been around 50 guests at the popular DNT cabin at Eidsbugarden in Jotunheimen, which usually houses around 80 guests.

40 of them were first quarantined at the cabin, while the tour group of 12 people, of which the infected person was a part, was transported out by the municipality’s health team. The group must have lived in the cabin for several days.

CONTROL: According to Henning Wikborg in DNT Oslo og Omegn, there is good control over who has been to Fondsbu.

Photo: Eivind Haugstad Kleiven / DNT

– The municipal chief has decided to close the cabin, and it will apply for a quarantine period of ten days, unless new tests of employees show results that make it possible to return, Wikborg says.

Two tested positive

According to Wikborg, Fondsbu has control over everyone who has been to the cabin recently, both on day visits and on accommodation. The registers are reviewed, and everyone who is affected is contacted continuously.

Several of the guests who have been to the cabin come from the Oslo region, where the infection is higher than in the Inland.

– A guest and an employee have tested positive, says municipal doctor in Vang, Marit Tuv to NRK on Thursday night.

– All adults are quick tests. Everyone is now in quarantine and must test themselves after a week if there is capacity in the municipality where they are, she says.


LARGE CABIN: Fondsbu has a total of 100 beds, many of them in common rooms and dormitories. The cabin is only accessible via tracked vehicle in winter.

Photo: Heidi Lise Bakke

Had plan for quick test

Last week, it became known that municipal doctor Tuv had given host Solbjørg Kvålshaugen and another employee at Fondsbu the opportunity to test the guests quickly. Extensive training was provided, which they needed for Thursday:

– There was a person who had respiratory symptoms and went to Solbjørg to be tested. That was how we had planned it. That test was positive, says Tuv.

Marit Tuv, municipal chief physician in Vang in valdres

HYLLES: Municipal chief physician Marit Tuv received a number of positive feedback when she came up with the idea of ​​a quick test at Fondsbu. Now she has to deal with an outbreak in the cabin.

Photo: Marte Iren Noreng Trøen / NRK

The infected person was placed in solitary confinement in the mountain lodge, according to Avisa Valdres. The remaining guests were asked to stay in their rooms as much as possible.

According to Tuv, everyone who was at the cabin was considered a large cohort, and people were sent in to test everyone who has been to Fondsbu in recent days. A test station was established at the JVB building.

According to DNT, it is not known that other cabins have had a similar scheme with rapid testing, as they had at Fondsbu. According to Tuv, the employees who have received training can perform this work on delegation from her, according to section 5 of the Health Personnel Act.

– All responses to rapid tests must be reported to the national surveillance system for infectious diseases, and this must be done via us at the doctor’s office. This also applies to negative answers, says Tuv.

Solbjørg Kvålshaugen

MANAGER: Solbjørg Kvålshaugen is the manager at Fondsbu, and has had the opportunity to test the guests quickly.

Photo: Torje Bjellaas / NRK

Satisfied with the treatment

One of those who were guests at the cabin is Erik Landnes.

– DNT and Fondsbu as a tourist cabin have received us and have taken precautions, and it has been absolutely excellent. Then it was a bad stomach feeling when we learned this morning that it was someone we had circulated around who had tested positive, says Landnes.

Erik Landnes

TAKEN CARE OF: Erik Landnes thinks he was well taken care of during the corona outbreak at Fondsbu.

Photo: Ola Bjørlo Strande / NRK

– You start to wonder. But, then we were taken good care of then too, so it has gone very well in my eyes, he says.

Helga Elisabeth Waagaard, who lives in Oslo, was also at the cabin, and she thinks the evacuation was professional. She was among the last to be driven away from the cabin.

Helga Elisabeth Waagaard

SATISFIED: Helga Elisabeth Waagaard thinks the evacuation from the cabin went well.

Photo: Ola Bjørlo Strande / NRK

– We have been very well taken care of, and we have had a fantastic week and have been doing even today. I have been there as a tour guide, and we have had children and adults with us on the tour every day, says Waagaard.

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