50 years after, police find return wallet to owner | Police return a purse owner who lost it 50 years ago

A purse that went missing 50 years ago was found by police officers and returned to its owner. The incident took place in Kansas, USA. Kansas Police said on its Facebook page that the purse had been returned to its owner.

This purse was lost in 1974. Interestingly, the documents in the wallet of this handmade purse are still safe. The owner of the purse now lives in Lawrence, Kansas, the Great Bend Police Department said in a Oct. 8 Facebook post.

Police said several of the owner’s documents were still in the lost wallet. The purse contained the owner’s driver’s license and a Social Security card, which expired in 1974. Everything was safe in the purse without damage. ‘What an amazing event, we are so happy!’, The police wrote in the post. He said he remembers losing it in the early 1970s as soon as police arrived to return the wallet to the owner. He told police that he had made the purse with his own hands but later lost it.


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