60% of non-compliant products on marketplaces, according to the DGCCRF

According to the competition officer, 32% of the products analyzed were found to be “dangerous”.

The Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) found 60% of anomalies in products sold on online marketplaces in 2020, she announced in a press release on Friday. .

A total of 129 products sold on ten marketplaces were analyzed. According to the DGCCRF, 32% were found to be “dangerous“And 28%,”although safe, did not meet regulatory compliance criteria». «This cumulative failure rate of 60% is significantly higher than the results usually observed in surveys targeting the same products in more traditional distribution channels +», Assures the repression of fraud.

Jewelry in the viewfinder

Among the worst performers are smoke detectors, some of which did not even go off during fire tests: none of the nine analyzed should have been on the market. Power adapters also featured “very worrying results”, With 13 out of 15 hazardous products, most of them at risk of electric shock.

The jewels attracted the attention of the agents of the DGCCRF, with 38% of products “non-compliant and dangerous“. As for toys, 23% were found to be dangerous. Certain disguise sets and plush toys could lead to strangulation or suffocation, in particular because of “small, easily detachable elements».

«These situations are unacceptable and must be treated with force.», Reacted in a press release the Minister for SMEs, Alain Griset. He also assured that it would be “one of the challenges of the French presidency of the European Union“. The DGCCRF claims to have asked the marketplaces concerned to withdraw their non-compliant products. However, one of them did “never responded to requests».

In recent years, marketplaces or “marketplacesOnline, which sell products from several different sellers, have developed a lot, on the model of Amazon, CDiscount or AliExpress. With the closures of physical stores during the health crisis, they also took advantage of the craze around online commerce.


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