7 foods for joint health

Foods with anti-inflammatory properties should provide the body with vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and Omega: Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. ”At the same time, in addition to foods with anti-inflammatory effects, people suffering from joint pain should also eat foods that protect them and regenerate their joints. Therefore, the daily diet of these patients should not lack foods that improve their health. Among them I mention: fatty fish, berries, oily fruits, grape seed oil, olive oil, citrus fruits, bone soup, but also onions and garlic “, says Eugen Giurgiu, doctor in biochemistry with skills in phytotherapy and nutrition , in the work “Our daily health”.

Fatty fish fights joint inflammation

People who eat fatty fish three times a week: sardines, mackerel, tuna, rich in Omega 3, control joint pain. Moreover, the intake of fish also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and softens arthritis attacks.

Citrus fruits, precious antioxidants

Especially in the cold season, belts with citrus, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, pineapple, pomelo, so rich in vitamin C, are life-saving for people with joint problems. Recognized for their antioxidant properties, stimulating collagen production at the same time, citrus relieves joint pain and strengthens the immune system.

Grape seed oil should not be missing from the diet

Due to the high content of vitamins (E and F), minerals (especially copper and zinc) and fatty acids: Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, the oil obtained from grape seeds is an excellent tonic for the joints.

Walnuts “repair” the troubles caused by inflammation

Oily fruits: nuts, almonds, cashews, but also pistachios provide the body with significant amounts of calcium, Omega3 and fiber, valuable antioxidants that “repair” the negative effects of inflammation in the body. People who are diagnosed by the family doctor with chronic inflammation should taste 8-10 kernels of nuts so healthy and tasty every day.

Onions and garlic, anti-inflammatory at hand

Both onions and garlic contain the famous anti-inflammatory substance, allicin. Together with lipoic acid, allicin stimulates the reconstruction of damaged collagen fibers in the joints.

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Olive oil, a proven “excellent anti-inflammatory drug”

In the list of natural anti-inflammatory “drugs”, extra virgin olive oil occupies a privileged place, due to good fats (especially Omega 3 content).

Bone broth is a tonic for the joints

Less well known is the fact that bone broth is rich in collagen, compared to a “brick” that protects the health of joint cartilage. When convalescents are fed with bone broth, in order to recover more quickly after the disease and after the surgeries, the collars, rich in collagen, should not be thrown away.

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