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Around the world, Black Friday took place the day before yesterday. In France, the health situation forced merchants to officially postpone it for a week. That said, this weekend, we had the right to a festival of attractive promotions. Below is a list with the (crazy) offers for this Sunday. Stock is limited, make no mistake about it.

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Black Friday on Amazon and elsewhere will ultimately not take place on Friday, November 27. For this edition, it will be launched on December 4 in France due to the health context. The operation may be postponed, but it remains the same in practice. Online merchants have decided not to wait for the official date to unveil their best promotions this weekend.

Some players with a strong online presence have turned to alternatives to Black Friday this year. Fnac, Darty and AliExpress have announced operations with slightly different names, while Amazon has been discreet. That said, even if they do not communicate on the subject, there are new and very interesting promotions to seize. The list above gives you a nice overview of the quality of these offers.

Should we wait until Black Friday on Amazon?

The answer is clearly no. Indeed, Black Friday will be held in early December. However, even Amazon is experiencing low inventory – and delivery dates are slowly approaching the holiday season. Rather than take the risk of waiting a few more days (and risk running out of stock), better buy today. This is even more true if a nice promotion is available.

As we recall, there are two types of highlights for this Black Friday: Amazon offers flash offers and red thread promotions. The first last a few hours (or at most the day), the second spread over several days. Flash deals can go very fast – so you have to be really quick not to miss them. They are displayed in our list above.

Since this Friday, good deals have flooded the web. That said, you have to know how to be vigilant and look in the right place. Among all the trading platforms, it is not easy to optimize the time. While waiting for Black Friday, there are already thousands of offers spread all over the place. Each merchant has their favorite brands, so you have to look everywhere.

If you don’t have time to scan each of the sites for this Black Friday ahead of time, our list will help you. Know for example that Amazon is very strong on Apple products. At Fnac, the Bose, Microsoft or Sonos brands are at a reduced price. Finally, if you go to Darty, you will be able to discover all the references of household appliances in reduction.

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A method to make real savings

If Black Friday is approaching, the promotions have clearly started. The brands that are on promotion are generously, we probably won’t find better in the days to come. Some international brands have also struggled to change their calendar – for France. They have therefore renamed their Black Friday this week to still display promotions.

This is the case, for example, with Dyson, which launched a special operation which will end on November 30. Beyond this period, it will no longer be possible to save on vacuum cleaners directly on the official website. At Samsung, the Samsung Days are held this week and will also end at the end of the month.

Often times, the best deals for Black Friday are on the manufacturer’s live sites. Amazon is far from having a monopoly, there are good deals to be found everywhere. For example, it does not refer to a Dyson vacuum cleaner in promotion. Likewise on Samsung, nobody manages to get the reduction which is displayed directly on the official store.

That said, some products are not on dedicated brand stores. For example, on the Apple site, we never find a discount. It is therefore necessary to orient for Black Friday towards resellers. For example, RED by SFR offers a discount of 50 euros on all the latest iPhone 12. On Amazon, you can buy the latest AirPods Pro at a discount of 25%. Fnac and Darty are active on MacBook Airs.

Return your purchases until January

Shopping for Christmas before it’s time is good, but it’s risky. Indeed, if you offer a gift that does not please, you will have to resell it. Indeed, merchants offer a period of 14 days (after delivery) to return their purchase. If you participate in Black Friday now, the returns period ends before the Christmas holidays.

Amazon had anticipated the thing, and it offers a key advantage for this Black Friday. In this case, you have the possibility to return all your purchases (made since the end of October) until January 31, 2021. In other words, you can therefore make Christmas gifts before the time and without risk. If they don’t like them, you can send them back afterwards and get a full refund. No more resale box.

The stock is very limited for this end of the year, and Black Friday on Amazon will not be as usual. Rather than waiting too long, it is better to take advantage of the discounts available as soon as possible. If you have the opportunity to have a great promotion on a product, now is the time to jump on this opportunity.

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