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7 out of 10 young Moroccans are tempted by immigration

This is what reveals a study carried out by the National Human Development Observatory (ONDH) in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The said report indicates that 7 in 10 young Moroccans are tempted by immigration, which is the highest number in the Arab region, while 68% of young Moroccans expect extreme happiness if they end up immigrating. This affects around 12% of the population with a much higher percentage among young people (31%), university graduates (18.7%) and women of all age groups (16.5%).

While establishing a preliminary assessment of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the report also discusses the evolution of human development and its prospects between 2012 and 2020 in Morocco.

Thus, he reveals that young people in Morocco are the most exposed to the current crisis, representing “one of the social groups most exposed to real political, economic and social challenges (…) It is about the most human capital. valuable to be appreciated in terms of education, training, health, social protection and entrepreneurship. The presence of young people in public, political and civic space is questionable as to its ability to attract them ”.

Regarding identity, family and equality, “perceptions were confused, even contradictory”, notes the report while adding that more than half of young people claim the Amazigh identity, three quarters of them speak of the Maghreb Arab, Arab identity or their membership in Islamic society, 70% say they are Mediterranean, while two thirds consider themselves African.

Although young Moroccans are interested in the idea of ​​starting a family, the report says, their reluctance to marry is blatant. From 70% in 2019, they are only 42% in 2011. With regard to the perception of gender equality, here too the report mentions an “ambiguity”. When we talk about equal access to education, 83% of those questioned agree, but when it comes to employment opportunities, the percentage drops considerably, with a rate reaching 30%. .


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