7-storey empty building collapsed in Bahçelievler, Istanbul

7-floor empty building collapsed yesterday at 14.45 in Bahçelievler, Istanbul.

Upon notice, firefighters, health and rescue teams were dispatched to the scene.

It was learned that the building in Emek Caddesi Narlı Sokak was evacuated 1 month ago for urban transformation.

After the collapse, the teams evacuated the surrounding 5 buildings for precautionary efforts, after searching and rescuing efforts, for a long time to remove the wreckage. As a result of the works that continued until the late hours of the night, the rubble of the building, which was destroyed, was removed.

The area around the building, the wreckage of which was removed, was covered with iron. In the street where the crash occurred, the teams will wait until morning.

The building before it collapsed


2.5 floors of the building built in 1991 were reported to be illegal.


The Bakırköy Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the collapse of the building.


Bahçelievler Mayor Hakan Bahadır said that there was no loss of life so far. Bahadır said that the demolition of the building, which was evacuated one month ago, is planned tomorrow.

Stating that the building is sealed, Bahadır said: “The paper collector and scrapers are said to be entering the lower floor. Some eyewitnesses are coming out. Studies are ongoing.”


Regarding the building collapsing in Bahçelievler, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said, “A citizen said that he saw someone remaining under the building while the building was collapsing. Since this claim is true, the teams of AFAD, our fire brigade, K9 Teams and Bahçelievler Municipality have done their work meticulously for about 6 hours. Narlı Sokak ‘Searching up to the level of jeans was searched and no one was found. ” said.

Yerlikaya made inspections in the collapsed building and received information from the authorities.

After making statements to the journalists, Yerlikaya stated that Hacı Temur Apartment Building in Siyavuşpaşa District was destroyed due to an undetermined reason, and that search and rescue efforts have been going on for more than 5.5 hours.

Emphasizing that the building was found to be risky after the 5.8 earthquake that occurred on September 26 in Silivri offshore, Yerlikaya stated that the building was emptied and electricity, natural gas and water were cut under the Law No. 6306 by Bahçelievler Municipality.

Governor Yerlikaya emphasized that all inspections were carried out by the muhtarlik that the building was empty and that it was attached to the minutes.

“Tevafuk tomorrow this building was actually going to be demolished by our municipality, before the end of the 60-day period. Our district governorship instructed the District Directorate of Population, the residents were called one by one, we confirmed, none of them were in this building. We are thankful. With the thought that this claim is true, AFAD, our fire brigade, K9 Teams and Bahçelievler Municipality teams have been doing their work meticulously. We did it again. We are thankful again, there was no sign of life. We move on to a second stage. We think that no one is there, we want to believe it. Thanks to everyone, especially Bahçelievler. “

Explaining that lessons should be learned from the destroyed buildings, Yerlikaya said, “The number of heavily damaged buildings we detected after the earthquake is not too high. We need to vacate these places as soon as possible by keeping the cooperation with the citizens at the highest point, and with the coordination of the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization and the Governorship. ” he spoke.

Thanking all the institutions involved in the search and debris removal operations, Yerlikaya said that the work will continue.

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, on a question about the cause of the building’s collapse, said, “Research, we will wait and see under the control of the Bakırköy Public Prosecutor’s Office. said.


5 buildings next to the destroyed building were emptied for precautionary measures and necessary preparations were made by our Municipality of Bahçelievler to accommodate the residents.

Let Bahçelievler pass to our district and our citizens. We will continue to provide information on developments. “


The headman of Siyavuşpaşa District, Selami Aykut, connected to the NTV live broadcast by phone and gave information about the event:

“It was evacuated 1 month ago for urban transformation. The destroyed building collapsed towards the street. No one was living in the building. Demolition crews were going to demolish and start a new one. We gave the building blank paper. The buildings on both sides are new buildings.”

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