A busy schedule for Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, January 18, 2021

Time passes, and the famous license Pokémon will already be celebrating its 25th birthday next month. Indeed, the saga created by Satoshi Tajiri officially saw the light of day on February 27, 1996, the release date of Pokémon red version and Pokémon green version video games in Japan.

Unsurprisingly, 2021 will therefore be marked by many festivities around pocket monsters, some tastes having been communicated directly by the official site. In addition to a nice clip emphasizing both nostalgia and the various products derived from the saga, with a retrospective side, some first announcements have already been made.

Surprisingly, these 25 years will be celebrated in music as The Pokémon Company has partnered with Universal Music Group to promote this anniversary alongside international artists. The first has been unveiled:, singer who has grown up with Pokémon and its derivatives since she was very young, as she makes it known in a short message communicated on the occasion (available on the official website announcement page). She will not be the only one in this process, since other musical artists will be unveiled soon.


This anniversary will also be synonymous with many activities and events, which for the moment remain unclear. A real journey, it will begin in March within the Galar region, then moving to other regions, from the most recent to the oldest, to end in Kanto. The idea still seems abstract but will go well with celebrations all over the world.

Finally, the last confirmation of these first ads targets merchandising. The Pokémon Company has signed several partnerships with brands such as Build-A-Bear Workshop Levi’s, McDonald’s, Jazwares, Mattel, Funko, Power A, and The Wand Company to blow out this twenty-fifth candle. As for the collectible card game, the announcements are a little more precise: Several anniversary collections should be published throughout the year, while an exclusive series of large format cards (known as jumbo) will be offered. This will honor all the starters of the license, not to mention good old Pikachu. Nostalgic fans will undoubtedly recognize the visuals of the very first cards, those released at the dawn of the 2000s.


This big announcement appears to be just a small glimpse of what’s in store for fans, with more festivities set to be unveiled around the anniversary date in late February. Among the first rumors of the hallway, we speak in particular of the highly anticipated remake of Pokémon Diamond version and Pokémon Pearl version for release this year, but that’s still rumored for now.


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