a certificate from parents rather than a medical certificate to return to school

Two weeks after a return to school under the sign of Covid, the action to be taken in the face of students with “Suggestive symptoms” as the teachers say, in other words feverish or cold, has just been clarified. These children are allowed to return to class “If the parents certify in writing that they have consulted a doctor and that a test has not been prescribed”, can we read in one of the four sheets intended for directors and heads of schools updated Tuesday evening, September 15, on the website of the Ministry of Education.

No medical certificate to assert: the Order of Physicians recalled on September 11 that such a request was not based on ” no legislative or regulatory obligation ”. No mandatory PCR test either: a word from the parents should suffice. “Otherwise, the return will be after seven days [d’éviction], if there is no fever [il y a] », can we read in the file. A message in line with the reduction of the isolation period from fourteen to seven days announced by the Prime Minister.

Various “interpretations”

Will this allow parents of students to avoid queuing in front of saturated laboratories? Perhaps. No doubt also to avoid periods of “eviction” – and therefore teleworking – repeatedly. But will this allay the anxiety in schools? ” To have “, we answer in the union ranks. Since the start of the school year on September 2, families have reported“Interpretations” various health guidelines from one school to another – here we talk to them about “Compulsory tests” at the slightest symptom, then put aside “As a precaution”“The framework is more clearly posed, reacts Stéphane Crochet, from the SE-UNSA union. National education adapts to official doctrine, and in doing so, it recognizes that a child can return to school with or after having had symptoms and without necessarily going through a test, underlines this trade unionist. It becomes the responsibility of families. “

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And not only the responsibility of the educational teams, already under pressure as the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in schools is increasing: some 81 establishments and a little over 2,100 classes are currently closed, the Minister of education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, guest of LCI. “We have about 1,200 new cases of Covid among students compared to the previous week”, he said, referring to a ratio of the order of « 0,13 % » of the 60,000 establishments affected by the epidemic. For the record, on September 7, the Ministry of Education counted 28 establishments and 262 classes closed.

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