a chalet completely destroyed by flames

Around 10:30 p.m. this Friday, the Thuin firefighters intervened at rue des Sables, in Marbaix (Ham-sur-Heure / Nalinnes). “They were on the way and saw smoke in the distance, they had to look for where it came from,” said mayor Yves Binon. On site, a chalet was engulfed in flames. “With the curfew, nobody had realized what was happening, the inhabitant was not there either”, continues the mayor.

The fire quickly destroyed the wooden house. The fire was obviously very impressive and some evoke smoke visible from M. de Bomerée. The intervention required a complete start, with a pumper tank and the large scale. The flames, quickly brought under control, had already ravaged everything. Germinalt police set up a security perimeter around the scene of the fire.

The bourgmestre, who came down to the scene, and the police spoke with the resident to see if he needed relocation, but he was finally taken care of by his family.


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