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A Change in Mindset: That’s What You Need to Crash Your 2022 Career Goals

Research points that our mindset can significantly affect our life and career satisfaction. If you’re a strong believer that success and happiness are all about mindset, then you’re on the right path.

Normally, we think that our intellect and talent is fixed, and therefore, we can’t do anything to change that. We think that, for instance, we’ve never been writers, so we will never be, or we don’t understand technology, so we’re stuck in a set way of doing things. But that’s exactly the problem. This deeply entrenched mindset creates a wrong assumption that can allow negative thoughts to cripple growth and aspiration. 

What we all need is a change in mindset. It’s never too late to set new career goals, to start a business, nor to look for actionable advice in the constantly evolving career landscape. A change in mindset is the precise gram of courage we need to enhance our abilities. Through this, we can achieve higher and learn better, thus creating more opportunities for our career and for ourselves. 

What is a Mindset? 

Mindset is a set of beliefs, values, and attitudes that help us distill complex worldviews into more absorbable information and then set expectations based on this input. These beliefs help us set expectations, prepare for the worst, and navigate decisions founded on these assumptions. 

While they can be helpful for distilling facts and managing expectations, they can also be maladaptive, generating interpersonal problems and feelings of guilt, sadness, inadequacy, and anxiety. The good news is that we can shift our mindset. In fact, the ability to change the mindset is something every successful person has in common that has helped them advance in their career. 

  • How Fixed or Growth Mindsets Affect Us?

If you consider your qualities are essentially fixed or unchangeable, you may be less open to blunders because setbacks are seen as intrinsic and impinging on future success. 

For instance, if you have a fixed mindset and have trouble communing with others at work, you may see this as evidence that you will never be able to socially connect, leading to avoidance and social anxiety.

With a growth mindset, you’re aware that you can change over time, and therefore you are more likely to reflect, learn and grow from challenges. You climb onto your own failures; you continue to learn and grow throughout life. With a growth mindset, you will set yourself up for real success. 

Forget about Job Titles Focus on Your Skills Instead 

In the modern work environment, the job title is no longer the ticket to success (if it ever was). It’s your abilities and the effort you actively make that will help you supercharge your career. You should rather focus on how you’d like to make an impact in the future.  

Sometimes your hard work will bring you a higher-paying title, but sometimes it gets handed over on a silver platter, either through an organizational overhaul or office politics. If you’re not skilled enough to drive significant change in your team, that’s a rather uncertain position to be in. So instead, concentrate your time & energy on mastering your natural capabilities and toiling even harder at the things that don’t come as readily. 

Use your unique goals as the North Star, and let them guide you, not LinkedIn. To put it simply, if you focus on how big your contributions are, that better pay or promotion will shortly follow. Why chase titles when you can solve problems and sharpen your skills? 

Visualize Your Goals and Live Them  

To make your goals a pure reality, you must create a vision that you believe in. Imagine yourself having bested your major millstones, and do it often. Believe it or not, this mindset is one of the key ingredients in making the right decisions and keeping yourself responsible throughout the process. 

This might not be easy, but being specific when describing your goals is all in your favor. It will take self-reflection and naturally some brutal honesty around what’s realistic. Create a list of simple, time-sensitive, and actional goals, and cross them off or update whenever is necessary. This will help you build and maintain your momentum, and it also enables you to make small and steady wins towards bigger goals. 

With that in mind, don’t forget to be flexible and watch for all uncertainties and opportunities in life and career. 

Find and Work with a Mentor 

Whether you love to fly solo or collaborate with a large team, you need a mentor to help you compound your success and drive you closer to your ultimate vision. 

However, mentorship doesn’t necessarily have to come from your boss, and it isn’t written in stone. In today’s everything-tech world, we can easily learn from different connections through various networks. With the right people and tools, you can hone your chemistry skills, become the leader you’ve always wanted to be and finally implement your analytical know-how. 

The real deal is to surround yourself with capable, driven people who help strengthen your skills and career development. 

Release Yourself from a Negative Mindset 

The general impression you have about yourself and your life considerably affects the way you live. This has the potential to dramatically change the way you live and learn. By allowing yourself to become a lifelong learner and striving to be more, you can unchain yourself from negativity and make more positive choices, thus advancing your career. 

How can you do that? By focusing on learning rather than seeking approval. Those with a growth mindset are massively committed to learning and improving. They know nothing comes easy and that learning is a process; therefore, they allow themselves to be educated consistently. 

Learning deeply rather than learning quickly is another commitment you’d want to adopt. You get to learn from your mistakes, try again, and accept it’s all about the process rather than the end result. 

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