A classic GTA with cyberpunk style sounds good, and this open-world action game makes it happen

Glitchpunk will release a demo very soon so you can test its shootings and chases for free on PC.

If you are one of those who sometimes longs for the style of GTA classics, with that overhead perspective, and you are also passionate about cyberpunk aesthetics, The team of Dark Lord y Daedalic Entertainment They are working on a video game that responds to these wishes. Is about Glitchpunk, an action game that offers us just what you would expect in a Grand Theft Auto: steal, drive, shoot and survive shootouts against criminals and the forces of public order.

Tell a story about transhumanism, xenophobia and religion“In Glitchpunk you play as an android with system failures that goes against its own programming, challenging the tyrannical governments and megacorporations of a dystopian near future”, reads the official description of this PC video game that in a matter of a few days will premiere free demo during the Steam Games Festival from February 3 to 9. “Forge your own path in Many cities packed with drug-crazed gangs, aggressive cops, and irresponsible drivers who make every mission and game unpredictable. “

To face these dangers we will have several weapons melee and many other fire and lasers, being able to also improve the technology of the protagonist as if of a RPG it was. Variety promises to be one of the keys to Glitchpunk, which anticipates four cities different, from the desert of the United States to Soviet Russia in a cold nuclear winter, passing through up to 12 different gangs with their own history and missions. Even when talking about vehicles We will have ample options, because in addition to “lots of cars”, the authors of this open world action game talk about trains, buses, tanks, motorcycles and trucks.

Despite all that chaos and the frenzy of the action, not one iota of importance will be subtracted from the story, which they promise will also be a key piece of this video game. “Glitchpunk doesn’t just blow things up, it also counts a history on transhumanism, xenophobia and religion. You can influence the world around you, make new friends, take on more enemies than you can count, and you might even find love. “Interested in this action proposition? Even without a specific release date, Glitchpunk will go on the sale in the Early Access de Steam in the first half of 2021.

More games in the classic GTA style

As it happens, in addition to this video game, there is another title inspired by the classic Grand Theft Auto that bets, yes, for a totally different setting. We talk about the curious Rustler, which is popularly known as the GTA Medieval. At the time we echoed your success on Kickstarter, and like Glitchpunk, you won’t have to wait much longer to enjoy its action, because Rustler has dated its release in February, yes, as a game with early access.

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