a commission of the Venezuelan parliament supports Morocco

The Standing Committee on Foreign Policy, Sovereignty and Integration at the National Assembly of Guergarate expressed its support for Morocco’s intervention in El Guerguerat, which made it possible to restore circulation and trade flows, which were blocked for three weeks by “Polisario” militias.

“We express our support for the Kingdom of Morocco in its peaceful intervention to end the blockade by the Polisario militias of the El Guerguerat border post, in southern Morocco on the border with Mauritania,” the Commission said in a statement. communiqué signed by its president, Armando Armas, stressing that the intervention was carried out “in full respect of international law and United Nations resolutions”.

The Commission, added the same source, follows “with concern the serious acts and provocations carried out by the Polisario militias in El Guerguerat, with the aim of disrupting free civil and commercial movement, without any respect for MINURSO personnel.

According to the press release, these acts “represent a contempt for the resolutions approved by the United Nations Security Council and the appeals of the UN Secretary General and the international community.

In addition, the Commission reiterated its “condemnation of the support of the illegitimate Chavist regime for the separatists of the Polisario, thus standing up, as usual, on the side of the choices of destabilization of the region, instead of supporting constructive and peaceful solutions. and efforts to ensure respect for the principles of international law ”

The Commission also called for “a political, definitive, realistic and lasting solution” to the artificial conflict around the Moroccan Sahara, “on the basis of the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco” which was qualified by the Security Council of the ‘UN of “serious and credible”, the statement concluded.

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