A committee is registered to revoke the mandate of Juan Carlos Cárdenas as mayor of Bucaramanga

“The committee for the revocation of the mandate of the mayor of Bucaramanga, Juan Carlos Cárdenas, has already been registered with the Registrar. The details will only be revealed tomorrow when they are published tomorrow, (today), through the CNE page, “said a source within the entity, who requested that his identity be reserved.

Further: Rodolfo Hernández wants to collect signatures to revoke the Mayor of Bucaramanga

Promoters in suspense

In this sense, only until today will it be officially known who is leading the revocation process that now has to collect in the next six months at least 42 thousand signatures to validate the initiative, that is, 30% of the vote obtained. by Cárdenas Rey in the 2019 elections.

“Once the initiative to revoke the mandate is registered with the Registrar, the Registrar has 15 days to prepare and deliver the forms to the promoters and from the moment they do so they will have six months to collect the signatures of those who support the initiative ”, dictates the norm.

According to former councilor Pedro Nilson Amaya, in different radio media, the recall initiative is led by businessmen, businessmen, social and political leaders of the city who are dissatisfied with the Cárdenas Rey government.

Although several sectors point to the former mayor, Rodolfo Hernández, as the intellectual author of the revocation process against his former ward, Juan Carlos Cárdenas, the former local president denied said allegations.

“I’m not going to collect signatures to take down anyone. If the citizens want to revoke the mandate of Mr. Cárdenas, they may as well, they will have to ask them, but I am dedicated to my electoral work, ”said Rodolfo Hernández.


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