A COVID-19 digital passport soon needed for travel?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) this week announced the creation of a digital passport that can show whether a passenger has been vaccinated against COVID-19.

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IATA is said to be in the final stages of developing this new documentation, the US daily said on Saturday. The Hill.

The digital passport would include information on tests and vaccines performed by passengers. In particular, it would coordinate information between airlines, governments, laboratories and travelers, the outlet said.

“Testing is the first key to enabling international travel without quarantine measures. The second key is the global information infrastructure necessary to securely manage, share and verify screening data corresponding to travelers’ identities and in accordance with border control requirements, ”said according to The Hill, Alexandre de Juniac, President of IATA.

With this pass, travelers will be able to identify COVID-19 testing centers and verified laboratories that match the standards and requirements of their destination country, to avoid certain quarantine rules and travel restrictions.

While the number of passengers is down nearly 65% ​​from 2019, US airlines are the first to support any initiative to resume safe travel.

Several large industrial groups in the US tourism sector, including the US Travel Association and the American Hotel & Lodging Association, lobbied the Trump administration last month to implement a new COVID-testing program. 19, which will allow the removal of restrictive health measures, also said the American daily.

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