A curious fair is born with a single book per publisher

Just as Carlos Ruiz Zafón wrote the tetralogy The cemetery of forgotten books
We have asked three publishers to choose their forgotten book, the title that did not work according to their expectations when they published it. Laura Baena, from Edicions 1984, says that the book
The witch
, by Jules Michelet, in translation by Anna-Maria Corredor, is one of his: “It is a great work, of great quality, but it has been little recognized and has not circulated as we would have liked.”
The witch
It is a book of the French Enlightenment that claims the role of women and analyzes why men turned some women into witches. A modern book written in the 19th century.

Isabel Obiols, from the Anagrama publishing house, also has a thorn stuck in her. In your case it is
Laëtitia or the end of men
, by Ivan Jablonka, who reconstructs the rape and murder of Laëtitia Perrais, an 18-year-old girl from Nantes, and analyzes and dissects a macho society that protects itself. “It makes me angry and sad at the same time. It came out in September 2017 and the author even came from Paris, but the political moment of that fall caused him not to be given the case he deserved. ”

Also the publisher Sandra Ollo chooses her forgotten book:
Madame solarium
, by Gladys Huntington (Cliff). The morale and amorality of the wealthy classes before the Great War, set in a summer vacationer colony on Lake Como. “It is a great novel but it did not work, despite having a great criticism from Robert Saladrigas.”

How does it work

Well, soon these books, or others chosen by publishers, will have a new opportunity. The Comanegra publishing house has managed a curious fair to revive some of those titles: the Single Book Fair
. Joan Sala says that they started working before the pandemic: “The idea was born last year reflecting us in the Morioka Shoten bookstore in Tokyo, which sells a single title every week. We decided to organize a literary festival that included the philosophy of that bookstore, far from frenetic rhythms and best-seller lists, that put reading at the center and included another condition: that the books are not new, that they have passed a minimum of two years since they were published. ”

A woman flips through a book (Marta Pérez / EFE)

Preparation for the first edition, to be held on June 20, was halted when the health crisis erupted, and now we will have to wait until 2021. “The expenses are assumed by Comanegra and we will set it up in the courtyard of the old Lehman factory with eleven other publishers,” says Sala. The publisher believes that “there are books that, for whatever circumstances, have not had the life they deserved.”

Comanegra will invite eleven other publishers to submit a single title from their catalog

With this initiative “we want to extend the life of books.” At the moment, only twelve publishers, who can only bring one book to the fair. “We already had everything discussed to do it this year, but the pandemic has passed us by,” says Sala, who does not lose optimism. They have ruled out postponing it to autumn and already have a new date: June 13, 2021.

Thus, the Llibre Únic Fair will be held next year, with events throughout the day and with this approach acceptable according to its possibilities. Sala does not mean which were the invited publishers, but clarifies that “next year, if they want, they will be the same.” “When we announce the fair, the twelve publishers will be known, but readers will have to visit us to find out which book each of them has chosen,” he concludes.

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