A detainee for stealing medical material from the Albacete hospital in the middle of the coronavirus crisis

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The National Police has detained an individual as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of theft, disobedience and threats to law enforcement officers at the Hospital Universitario de Albacete.

The events took place on the night of last Thursday, April 2, when this man was detected by security guards at the Albacete hospital complex, prowling around the hospital rooms.

When he tried to leave the place, he was intercepted by security personnel, who surprised him by trying to take on gloves for clinical use that he had just stolen and that thanks to the quick intervention they were able to recover, so they reported these events to the National Police. .

Upon the arrival of the police patrol, the detainee began to threaten both the agents and the security guards, refusing at all times to identify himself, which is why he was detained. In addition to the theft of medical equipment, you will have to face criminal responsibilities for disobedience and threats to law enforcement officers. .


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