a doctor unravel the mystery

Illness in fishermen: a doctor unravel the mystery

Identifying the contours of the so-called mysterious disease which affects fishermen is today at the heart of the concerns of the ministerial departments concerned, first and foremost, the Ministry of Health. However, according to a Senegalese doctor, this pathology could be chickenpox.

“Chickenpox is a contagious disease caused by the chickenpox virus, we have it only once in our life, after we acquire immunity … Its contamination is very rapid. This is why in the villages of fishermen where we observe a great promiscuity, it may seem logical that the disease affects so many people in such a short time.

The treatment is just symptomatic with antiseptics to wash off and also antihistamines to stop the itching. At times to avoid bacterial superinfection we can add antibiotics “, underlines our source.

For him, this treatment bears fruit “two or even three weeks later.”

However, our interlocutor would like to make one important clarification: “the chickenpox of the child is less severe than that of the adult. That is to say the longer we delay having chickenpox, the more likely we are to have a chickenpox. Chickenpox quite severe like what we are currently seeing in these young adult fishermen. We should isolate them, give them symptomatic treatment, and wait for spontaneous recovery … ”

Author: Mouhamadou DIALLO – Seneweb.com


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