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a duo’s New Year’s Eve rather than a large committee



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France 3

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Only a few hours before 2022. New Years Eve remains a festive moment for many, despite the health situation.

To end the year, some have chosen to celebrate in a very small group. “With my little husband, two”, says a woman. Some obviously plan to eat well. “Today we are going to open 10,000 oysters, which represents about 300 trays”, says a trader. For a couple, it will be fresh pasta and Italian cheese, for a duo’s New Year’s Eve. “We came on vacation, we left everyone far away “, they say.

In front of a stall, it is for the brie with truffles that we melt, a secret well kept by a woman and her fellow cheesemaker. “Truffled brie is Monsieur’s recipe, so I won’t tell you”, smiles the shopkeeper. “The base is the truffle, the mascarpone and then it’s the mystery”, indicates the cheese maker. And for dessert, a cabbage-based heart was reserved by a caring husband. This is how a virus mutated New Year’s Eve into … Valentine’s Day!

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