“A Flemish as Prime Minister, it was clear to me for 10 months”

Prime Minister, Paul Magnette really wanted to be: “I still got a lot wet, I took part in four missions, including an informal one with Conner Rousseau. At some point, the degree of involvement must be able to play. The president of the Open VLD, Egbert Lachaert, told me that it was acceptable for them if it was me ”.

Yet he had known for ten months that it was better if it wasn’t him: “I could ask for it as chairman of the most important party in the first family in terms of number of seats. But when I saw the political development in Flanders with a Vlaams Belang largely first in the polls. With an N-VA ready to shoot red balls on the government. I told myself that we had to avoid the risk of aggravating criticism against this government, in a situation which could become dangerous in 2024. Alexander De Croo Prime Minister, that gave this government one more chance to be stable. “

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